What Does Being An Adult Mean?

Going away to college can be a difficult thing to do for a lot of people, for most it's the first time we'll be on our own and have to (try to) be self-sufficient. I know I still call my parents, at least, once-a-week asking random questions about how to do things. It's always said you don't realize a good thing till you're gone, which is so true. Free laundry, home cooked meals, your pets. But we're all in this together, we're trying, and we shouldn't be criticized for it


Cooking for yourself in college is hard, it takes valuable time away from Netflix, oops, I mean homework (sorry mom!) And it can be expensive, buying all the ingredients and going to the store and then the actual cooking part can take forever. If you live in the dorms, you probably have a meal plan, meaning you can go to the campus dining hall and get the mass produced food. No matter what you eat, or try to cook, nothing will taste as good as home cooked meal.


Laundry is one of the most boring, yet difficult chores to do. I've called my mom a few times asking how I wash certain things. Otherwise, I just leave all my laundry pile up until I get to go home and do my laundry for free. My parents always look at me weird when I come home with a hamper and duffle bag full of dirty clothes. But why pay to do it at school when I can do it at home for free. Plus if I bring it home, I don't have to worry about walking down and having all the washers be full.


It can be very easy for things to get messy when you're trying to live on your own for the first time. Even if you're just in a dorm room, those things can get really messy and fast. Living at home, sure you have to help clean up and everything, but there you have someone telling you to do it and when to do it and such. But on your own, you can let it get as messy as you want before actually cleaning. And it gets messy. Or you could be like Monica and just shove everything into a closet making look clean.

Getting Sick

When you get sick at home, you can usually rely on one of your parents to at the very least be a little sympathetic and let you lay in bed for the day, and you can usually rely on them for telling you the right medicine to take, should you need it. But when you're on your own you have nobody to tell you what medicine will help, or what food would be good or bad for whatever is wrong. So pick up the phone and call your mom. 10 times out of 10 she'll still know best and tell you exactly what to do to feel better.

Regardless of what happens when you start to live on your own the first time, you're trying. We'll all get the hang of it eventually, and until then nobody will judge you for calling your parents for help.

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