What Do You Mean J Biebs Is Back?
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What Do You Mean J Biebs Is Back?

Why You Need To Give Justin Another Chance

What Do You Mean J Biebs Is Back?

With the drama of the MTV Music Awards behind us, we can all breathe once again. Let's recap:

Kanye is running for president.

Nicki squashed her beef with Taylor, but stirred the pot with Miley.

Macklemore is back?

Let's not forget that Taylor cannot go anywhere without a group of at least 1,000 people.

Wait, did Rebel Wilson just make fun of the problem with police brutality?

The Weeknd is clearly over Miley.

Justin Bieber performed and cried. Wait, cried?

For those of you living under a rock, as of late Justin Bieber has released two epic songs. One with the help of Diplo and Skrillex, "Where Are U Now," as well as his most recent release "What Do You Mean?."

If neither title brings to mind two songs of epic proportions, then you need to minimize this article, listen to both songs, and then proceed reading.

So where has Justin been?

Hiding from the public, that’s for sure.

I mean can you blame the guy? The last time he accepted an award he was faced with an echo of boos.

So what does an artist do when they are hiding? Clearly Justin has been in the studio. Both his collab and his single are two songs that you cannot help but either sing along to or just dance.

With his “Where Are U Now” collab, it can be speculated he is referencing his ex Selena Gomez. With that in mind, the lyrics can easily paint of picture of what the “One Time” singer has been dealing with.

Though I have no ideas pertaining to the meaning of “What Do You Mean?” that does not stop it from being an enthralling song.

Call him what you want, the music is good and that can’t be denied.

Bieber is no different than any other person who grows up. Sure we don’t all pee in a mop bucket or sleep with some rando in Brazil, but we also don’t have the world’s eye on us every second.

The kid is trying.

He is putting his efforts in his music once more. Just look back to the VMAs. Bieber was so overcome with emotion due to the support he felt from the crowd the 21-year-old broke down in tears.

At first glance, I thought the harness he was in pinched him or something, but I was wrong. He has a stake in his music. He is putting time, effort, and more than anything emotion. You may not have liked him before, but give him another chance. It’s either that or next time you are at a party or hanging with friends and hear one of his new songs you have to sit there emotionless and not sing along because you hate the guy. Your choice.

Music is music and music is great. Give it a listen and you might be surprised.

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