What Do Men Have That Women Don't?
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What Do Men Have That Women Don't?

Penises. Penises and peace of mind.

What Do Men Have That Women Don't?

“What rights do men have that women don’t?”

I think this is what liberals mean when they talk about privilege.

It’s societal norms that, I feel, are the most threatening to women.

It’s “boys will be boys.”

It’s “Well, what were you wearing? How much were you drinking? Did you lead him on?”

It’s the idea that women should have to choose between a career and a family.

It’s taking your rapist to court over custody rights for the child he had no right to put in you the first place. It’s the fact that people still question whether or not birth control is healthcare.

Once there is a shift in how we value women in society, legislation will catch-up.

Those are a few things Western women face. What about less fortunate women in developing countries? Do we think of them and their struggles as we parade topless in pussy hats?

We are up against things the government can’t legislate away for us.

Men, ask yourselves: am I afraid of rape?

Is getting raped a legitimate concern of yours? It happens to men. I believe the statistic for that is 1 out of 16 college men are victims of sexual assault.

As you walk to your car at night, are you afraid someone might rape you? Or when you go out? Or hang out with another guy friend?

Do you know that according to RAINN, 23% of undergraduate women experience sexual assault? That’s a little less than 1 in 4. If 1 in 4 undergraduate women were getting cancer everyone would lose their minds. We would push to figure out what the hell is going on here.

Do you know that 85% of victims know their assailant?

Women knew this.

No, not all men are dirty, creepy rapists. However, all men can make a difference in combating rape culture as it is perceived and felt by so many college women.

So what do we do? How do you even fight that? Do we allocate resources for sex education? Do we make the consequences more severe? The conviction rate is pretty low. Most women don’t report.

Be a man and do what’s right. Real men don’t rape women, and real men aren’t afraid to do what’s right even when it’s unpopular. You’re not a pussy for telling your friends to simmer down and not be creepy.

Real men teach their sons to respect women. Real men don’t let their sons off with, “boys will be boys.” Boys break things! Boys don’t go around sexually harassing or assaulting women. Boys are rough and dirty, not creepy.

This heinous crime should disgust everyone. But, as much as everyone says it does, they certainly don’t act like it. I can’t believe rape jokes, or using the term rape in any other context other to describe a violent sex crime is still a thing.

Stand up, and push for better sex education and more access to birth control. Even if you don’t think “taxpayers” should pay for birth control doesn’t mean you can’t advocate for more access to sustainable birth control.

Women’s rights are human rights, and it’s been that way far before Hillary Clinton stood up and said it. Men and women share this planet together. It’s time we stop acting like adversaries and start treating each other the way God intended us to.

Not only am I a conservative “feminist” (even if they don’t want to hear what I have to say), and a Christian, but I’m also a realist (hence, why I’m not sugarcoating anything).

A 2011 study found that 80% of Evangelical Christians have had premarital sex. So, why are we fighting about the necessity of birth control? Christians benefit from birth control, and it seems like the only people who care are women.

Aside from the fact WE’RE ALL DOIN’ IT, birth control treats reproductive issues. Men, have you ever had a charlie horse in your butt? That’s what a period cramp feels like- a charlie horse in your butt.

Men, you don’t have to convince a government of mostly white men that your viagra is necessary. No one is questioning that viagra needs to be covered by health insurance.

No one is saying, “taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for you to whore out.”

Maybe birth control shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg in the first place? Long-acting birth control is the most effective form of birth control and any long-acting method could cost upwards of $1000.

Not every woman can afford that, and if she can’t afford a $1000 IUD, how do you think she’ll fare sustaining and funding a child? There’s a problem that needs to be addressed, not dismissed.

Look, I know men and women think differently. I’ve experienced it first hand. That’s why it’s so important men listen to women and why it’s equally important for women to deliver a message that won’t put men on the defense.

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