Being bored is something that is real and happens way too often. Quite frankly being bored can be dangerous. Personally being bored means grabbing snack after snack. The following are all things that will help you have a good time (and will prevent you from putting on a few pounds) whether you're alone, with a group of people, or with your BFF.

25 Things to do when you're alone:

1. Write a book or write a journal entry

2. Learn how to cook

3. Teach your pet a new trick

4. Go shopping online

5. Design your dream home

6. Download new apps on your cell phone

7. Start a new television series

8. Begin learning a new language

9. Catch up on homework or even get ahead on school work

10. Take a nap

11. Play HQ (for those of you who aren't familiar with HQ it's a game show on your phone where you can win real cash)

12. Netflix and chill

13. Play video games

14. Watch popular YouTube videos

15. Do a puzzle

16. Take a ride to the gym (reminder: bikini season is coming)

17. Ride a bike

18. Learn a magic trick

19. Catch up on social media

20. Dig out old photos

21. Meditate (we all know what stress can do to us)

22. Download a podcast

23. Try to paint or draw a picture

24. Write letters to your long distance friends

25. Look up jobs available in your area

25 things to do with friends:

1. Play a board game

2. Hiking

3. Play kickball or dodgeball

4. Spontaneous car ride with your favorite jams

5. Paint your friends' back (this sounds crazy but it's in so look it up)

6. Drink some wine and relax in your favorite pair of cozy pajamas

7. Play wall-ball (the most underrated game out there)

8. Learn how to play cards

9. Form a band

10. Plan your next girls' trip

11. Have a photoshoot (who knows how many Insta-worthy photos you'll come up with)

12. Do each other's makeup

13. Play manhunt (or cops and robbers in the daylight

14. Make a movie

16. Binge-watch a new show together

17. Play 'Never have I ever' (or any sleepover games)

18. Sing karaoke with or against each other

19. Make cookies or brownies together (decorating them is fun too)

20. Sit down and give each other advice

21. Go to the mall and have a shopping spree together

22. Build a fire (make sure smores are involved)

23. Have a spa day (put masks on one another and do mani-pedis)

24. Go to the park (you could even pack a lunch and blanket for a picnic)

25. Hack each other's social media (leave them encouraging/goofy messages)