What Can The Presidential Candidates Really Do For Us?
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What Can The Presidential Candidates Really Do For Us?

Not much

What Can The Presidential Candidates Really Do For Us?

What are these candidates supposed to do for us again? Represent us, be our voice, steer us in the direction we want to go? Fix the broken systems, I repeat systems? Or just look pretty in the white house and pretend to speak for us?

This country was built on the idea that a President could be anyone. It was designed so the rich that inherited their money from their family weren’t entitled to leadership like monarchs and dictators. Right now both major candidates seem to think they are pretty entitled.

Everyone is focused on how terrible the candidates are but I want to emphasis how naïve they are. How many times do you think either of them had to decide which bills they’d pay for the month and which they wouldn’t? Have they ever had to choose between food and new socks to replace theirs with holes in them?

So many politicians and people want to talk about how we enable people on welfare and how food stamps aren’t necessary. But have they ever needed assistance, have they experienced how screwed up the system is and really watched people milk it why they try to get honest help? I doubt it.

The system is broken, fix it don’t throw it away. I know this is American where we have forgot that things should be fixed instead of thrown away, but come on people wake up we need to start working with what we have instead of wasting it.

Yes, your taxes support someone who doesn’t work or can’t work. But this design is how we have such a high standard of living. Would you rather stand by while people live in sewers, die from starvation, and lack of health care? We take away assistance and put people on streets that we constantly kick them off because we don’t want to look at them. Yea that makes perfect sense. Not. Guilty?

Oh and food stamp shamming. We all know that minimum wage is not enough to live off of here and that there is a skills gap with jobs that sometimes start with minimum wage. We need people to work the jobs low on the scale that only pay minimum wage. Without them our society falls apart. However, those people cannot afford to live. So the government assists them. Not everyone on food stamps is unemployed. Believe it or not people can’t afford to eat in America. We wonder why we are a fat nation, well I don’t know unhealthy food is cheaper so minimum wage only gets you unhealthy food as does food stamps.

Yes, American is built on freedom so you should have to give anything up for anyone else. But I like to believe it wasn’t built on selfishness and that American’s were at one-point willing to do what is right for society.

We have forgot so much who we are that elections have become like formalities. We all know who will run and who will win. The candidates must be rich to campaign as modern society demands, we criticize candidates for not having political experience that the constitution does not require, and we can’t help but look at skin color, sex, religious views and all other irrelevant info.

Some people are just ignorant and those people are usual the people that don’t thin k they are.

So what options do we have, the lesser of two evils? Both evils are so far removed from the common American’s reality no matter how not evil they are they are bound to be fail to represent us.

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