Disney Channel’s series has served as fashion inspirations for teen girls for some time now. I mean who didn’t want Lizzie McGuire hair and bedazzled everything, it was one of the reasons why stores like Limited Too and Justice were so popular. But as I look back on my childhood, I wonder if Disney Channel stylists are OK. Because the outfits from the early 2000s to today are seriously bad — not all of them, but the majority. It’s like they put a girl in a tank top and jeans and then say to themselves “You know what this needs? A T-shirt underneath a vest, a jacket, a belt, a scarf, suspenders and while we’re at it let’s throw a skirt over those jeans.” If I wore that many layers every day, I’d be out of clothes in two days. Here’s just some examples of why I think Disney Channel stylists need some serious help.

Miranda’s face is the same face I would make to the person who put together the outfit.

Hannah Montana was the queen of wearing skirts over jeans. Why Hannah?

But this is Miley now, so why am I complaining about Hannah?

Sharpay wanted fabulous. I’m not sure if Disney Channel stylists really knew the meaning of the word.

I’m not sure if Ashley Tisdale herself knew at the time either.

I think they were going for sporty yet girly look here. They sort of got it, I think.

These outfits were "so random" (I’m so sorry I just made that joke).

You might be thinking “Well this what was in style back then. You can’t blame the stylists.” There’s only one problem with that logic. Even in recent years, the fashion choices have been...questionable to say the least.

So yeah, there’s still a slight wardrobe problem going on with Disney Channel. Let these girls cool off! I don’t think they can with the three shirts, jacket and vest that they have on.