We've All Been Hurt, Baby

When people tell you, "It gets better" it's comforting to some extent. However, actually witnessing it- life- get better, is indescribable. There is no greater relief.

You can watch yourself get better, because you have the power to push yourself to get better. Unlike your own self, you don't have control over society as a whole. What you take seriously may be taken as a joke by the person right next to you. You may laugh at a joke that triggers someone else to cry. We have all experienced different highs and lows of life.

With happy tears in my eyes, only a day into my freshman year, I have witnessed one of the most precious individuals.

Our college hosted speakers who presented a very raw, moving production on sexual assault. Given that sexual assault is now among freshmen worries along with the freshman fifteen, it was calming to see such a serious topic be taken so blatantly serious. For that, I am so thankful.

The topic hit home in more ways than one. Initially I just planned on thanking the speakers for doing such an authentic job, yet I ended up giving hugs and sharing pieces of my life story.

With tears of relief, another new student approached me.

Reading my body language, he said "We've all been hurt, baby. We learn to grow wings."

I laughed so hard, because he had just comforted me so deeply and made me smile at the same time. He was referencing my metaphorical wings of strength, and my winged-eyeliner. Meaning, I hurt as we all do, yet am beautiful and strong. Beautifully strong? The options are endless yet are all flattering.

Looking back on that moment, with a simple statement he helped me realize something so powerful; I have been hurt, as we all have been, yet I am still beautiful.

To those hurting, you are not alone. You are human, a beautifully made human.

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