Weird and Wonderful Words That We Should Use More Often
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Weird and Wonderful Words That We Should Use More Often

These are the best!

Weird and Wonderful Words That We Should Use More Often

In today's world, it's very uncommon to hear words that aren't bigger than a few syllables. However, the English language is full of so many words that it's astounding to me that we don't use our full vocabularies every single day of our lives. Here are 10 words that I enjoy and wish we would use more often.

1. Kerfuffle

This is a British word (that's still English, don't fight with me on this) that means "a commotion or fuss, especially one caused by conflicting views." Plus, it's just fun to say.

2. Bobsy-Die

I found this word and immediately thought it was the funniest thing. It means "a great deal of fuss or trouble." I personally will be using this word more often.

3. Chiliad

This word means "a thousand things or a thousand years," and I think it's actually super cool. I wish this was a normal way to measure time.

4. Fipple

As a musically inclined woman, I love this word. It means "the mouthpiece of a recorder or similar wind instrument." Plus, this is also another fun word to say.

5. Frondeur

Not only is this word cool to say, but it means "a political rebel," and in today's society and the election, I feel like this word will very soon apply to me.

6. Hunt-And-Peck

You know those moments where you're doing something with one hand but also have to type something on your laptop, so you use a couple fingers to spell everything? Yeah, this is the word/phrase for that.

7. Mudlark

This is a person who hunts around in the mud on the bank of a river in order to find things of value. Honestly, I might drop out of college and become one of these people.

8. Ortanique

Honestly I wish that I knew about this word earlier. It's the mix between an orange and a tangerine, which is something that everybody needs to know.

9. Pre-loved

Super simple definition for this one: it means second-hand or hand me down. Personally, I prefer pre-loved over both of the others.

10. Scrippage

Obviously I had to end this list on another fun word to say. This word means "one's baggage or personal belongings."

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