We've all been there, looked in the mirror one day and didn't like what we saw looking back at us.

It could be your hair or outfit or even the way your body looks. This can work as motivation to start a health journey, but it can't fuel a whole journey to health.

You have to WANT to become healthier to actually become healthier.

You always hear the stories about how they looked in the mirror one day and they didn't like what they saw, this is what started their journey. But what continued their journey and allowed them to see success as they want to have a healthier lifestyle. Not have that want or drive, is what will ultimately cause you plateau or not even see any changes, to begin with.

I was a size 00 in high school from the combination of sports and my metabolism, I am not a size 00 anymore by any means.

The freshman 15 is real folks and sometimes stays on all through college. A few years ago, I wanted to accelerate a healthy lifestyle, I was doing this because I hated what I saw in the mirror, it was such a drastic difference. This did not work, I started to run and eat better but because I wasn't doing it for the right reasons, nothing happened. I was unhappy with myself, mentally, so therefore no matter what I did was going to fix that. I first had to learn to love my new size before I could change it.

I had to want to become healthier, have a desire to change my lifestyle before any real results or changes would be made. And that is where we are today, eating better and starting to run again because it's what I want, not because I hate the way I look and want to change it.

Working out for hate is what causes unhealthy obsessions with weight and food.

So, let's be smart, let's love ourselves first and then go and create a healthier lifestyle for ourselves.