A Week's Worth Of The Most Underrated Weeknd Songs
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A Week's Worth Of The Most Underrated Weeknd Songs

There's so much beauty behind the madness that you won't be able to feel your face.

A Week's Worth Of The Most Underrated Weeknd Songs

It’s just a few days before a concert and you know the drill:
1. Compile a playlist of every song.
2. Blast them the entire few days leading up so you can jam out the day of.
3. Commence the jamming.

There’s a certain Beauty Behind the Madness, shall we say, when it comes to concerts themselves. I’m talking about The Weeknd. Some of you associate The Weeknd with top hits, “The Hills” and “Can’t Feel My Face,” while others know him as the R&B crooner with the palm tree hair who’s dating Bella Hadid, and then there’s those who refer to The Weeknd as a group.

Abel Tesfaye, however you may know him, did not cease to amaze this past weekend in Washington, D.C.’s Verizon Center. From lights and lasers to fire explosions onstage, the show was as mesmerizing as the music that erupted from every corner.

I’m personally still in a daze from The Madness tour, so if you’re looking to refresh your music repertoire on some smooth, synth-tinged R&B sounds, look no further-- here's a week's worth of underrated Weeknd tracks that are sure to get some XO running through your bloodwork.

Monday: “The Knowing” – "Trilogy"

This silky-smooth track showcases Tesfaye’s range, effortlessly transitioning from lower register to falsetto. The electric guitar combined with the sharp synths sound as though you’re waking up at dawn to the sound of waves crashing on the shore.

Tuesday: “Montreal” – "Echoes of Silence"

Embrace your inner Francophile with the dark, sexy combo of Tesfaye crooning in both French and English. Happy #TravelTuesday.

Wednesday: “Loft Music” – "Trilogy"

Set yourself up for a meditative Hump Day with one of Tesfaye’s first-ever YouTube releases. Pairs well with morning commutes, yoga, and hazy evenings filled with wine.

Thursday: “King of the Fall” – "Kiss Land"

One of the more upbeat songs on this list, it’s definitely worth a listen if you're trying to amp up the energy to finish out your week. Tesfaye didn’t name his fall 2014 tour “King of the Fall” for nothing!

Friday: “The Party & The After Party” – "Trilogy"

Nothing says “Friday night” like a party and an after party. At nearly eight minutes long, this song is quite literally what its name suggests: The first half is sultry vocals backed by a snapping beat that transition to smooth, yet choppy electric guitar-backed soul. Fans of Frank Ocean’s “Pyramids” will dig it.

Saturday: “Crew Love” – Drake (feat. The Weeknd) – "Take Care"

OK, technically not a Weeknd song, but way back in the day, Drake was browsing YouTube and stumbled upon #3, among others. It led to a Canadian collaboration, which helped skyrocket Tesfaye’s success. When you’re getting ready to take on the town with your crew, blast this to ease yourself into the hype of Saturday night.

Sunday: “Adaptation” – "Kiss Land"

This one lends listeners an artful anecdote of Tesfaye’s life in fame and his progression of decisions and choices he’s had to make. It’s a trippy overview of the madness.

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