A Week Full of Mondays

Mondays are the start of a new workweek and excitement builds up for this journey of your life…not. Mondays are the bane of a dog's existence because our human leaves us for long hours and we are alone.

Some weeks are better then most but this one-week was a week full of Mondays!

1) Me, Myself, and Toy

Someway, somehow there is distraction from the loneliness of an empty home. Monday has been a bit lazy with napping and playing...maybe Monday won’t be so bad!

Out of nowhere, in comes mum to steal the toy for herself. She was meant to stay one her side of the house.

2. Transformation Tuesday

Oh, Transformation Tuesday means trying something new! Try reaching for that seat upon the “do not sit sofa” while your human slaves away for the man.

Too bad Tuesday turned out to be a montuesday as you hit the sofa without so much as a soft landing.

3. Wonderfully Dream

You know it’s going to be a Monday week when you’re trying to climb those stairs to your soft bed, but you fall up and you fall down them. Welcome to manic mendsday where napping is but a flight away.

4. Thoughtfully Stare Out Window

After your mid-week slump, you hope Thursday will allow for tranquility. Peace floats on by as you stare out the window; your non-fur sibling is home sick.

They decide your cozy blanket is their napping space. You know fighting is futile and winning is far beyond reach.

5. Follow Your Human to Work

Friday you're allowed to go into work with your human and it’s exciting! The device that holds their attention a lot of times started buzzing. You were trying to save their life from the loud soulless device by dropping it into the cup of addiction.

That black mug of stuff smells weird. It was killing two birds with one stone…too bad non-fur daddy didn’t see it that way. Back home you go to be put in the kennel.

6. Simple Game of Cup Go

A new game has come into town where you carry a cup in your snout and try to catch as many critters as possible. The winner is decided by who catches them all! Saturday is the only day you can play because it’s the one day your humans have time to let you play outside for a long period.

By golly! The cup inhibits your vision and walking turns into swimming. Maybe, you can get some water critters!

7. Suddenly, Resistance is Futile

You look back on your week and everything seems to point in an alternate universe theory. Maybe, you have entered into one because your spinning and nothing seems to help you out of this Week of Mondays slump.

8. A Dog's Life Is Hard Work

::Sigh:: All a dog can do after a week such as this is to nap on your human’s bed. All you have to do is cuddle into them and give them “sleepy eyes.” They will forgive all your trespasses of the week. This upcoming week will include lots of window staring, toy playing, and lovely cuddles with your non-fur family.

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