The Week Before Move-In Day, As Told By Corinne Olympios

It's that time of year again, folks... And who better to describe the week before you move back to school than Corinne Olympios?

When you realize that you go back to school in a week

But then you also realize that you have approximately a million and one things to do in order to get ready

And you're trying to balance all of this on top of your insane summer job schedule

And someone has the nerve to ask if you've packed yet

But just when you think you've saved yourself from the stressful conversation, they just bring it up again

Eventually, you pull yourself together and head over to Target to check some things off your list

You load up your cart with unnecessary items because you're in denial of just how broke you actually are...

And then your mom yells at you when you start unloading the endless bags from your car

She also sarcastically asks you how you're going to survive on your own

"You're not going to blow all of your money on Target shopping sprees and takeout food, are you?!"

Then you decide you should probably do something about the massive accumulation of stuff that covers your bedroom floor

And you finally discover the most painless way to pack it all

While also discovering the most efficient coping mechanism for all the stress you're under

And after all that... you successfully fit it all into a few suitcases and a few (hundred) bags

Then, you remember that you get to go back to school and see your friends in just a few days

Happy September, ladies and gentlemen. Wishing you all the best of luck tackling this school year!

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