These Brides Share Their Advice when It Comes To Dress Shopping
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These 9 Brides Share Their #1 Rule When It Comes To Shopping For A Wedding Dress

There seems to be a common theme...

These 9 Brides Share Their #1 Rule When It Comes To Shopping For A Wedding Dress
Savannah Heath

If we watch "Say Yes to the Dress," we each may have a list of what NOT to do when you go on the hunt for that perfect dress. But when we are in the moment, these nightmares are too easy to experience. So take it from these brides who have been through the wringer, and have shared their wisdom with us to hopefully help sway us from making the same mistakes.

1. It takes a bit, but the right dress grabs you.

George Street Photo & Video

"It's ok not to find your dress right away when trying them on. Don't get down that you're not getting that 'feeling' that it's the one. Especially if you don't know exactly what you me. It takes a bit, but the right dress grabs you." Shelby, married October 6th, 2018
Dress from Grace Style and Bridal in Gilbert, Arizona.

2. Try on all styles!!


"Try on alllll styles!! I thought I wanted a tight fit, with lace arms and I ended up hating how that style looked on me and I went with a strapless flowy dress! So go in with a mindset of trying everything on, even a dress that might look at and not love at first but you might love it on you. So just try every dress on." Kelsie, married August 19th, 2018
Dress from Luv Bridal in Phoenix, Arizona.

3. Do your research and be aware of your budget.


"Know where to shop depending on your budget. Dresses can be expensive. If you have a lower budget than the average don't go to a bridal shop that only has super expensive dresses. Along with that do your research. I started with David's Bridal looking at the different styles and stuff. Then I was able to go into the salon with some idea of what I like. Keep your mind open though. You could be surprised what you actually like." Jess, married May 8th, 2018
Dress from Davids Bridal

4. Get quotes.


"Pick the right shop that actually has dresses in your budget. Typically 50% of the dress is due up front and then the rest when the dress comes in. Also get quotes from different seamstresses if it's not free at your shop." Savannah, married October 1st, 2017
Dress from Bella Lily Bridal in Glendale, Arizona

5. Keep an open mind


"I would say keep an open mind. The one I loved online, I didn't like when I put it on. I ended up choosing one I never would have thought of." Allison, married July 7th, 2007

6. Pick the people with you wisely!


"I would say pick the people going with you wisely! While dress shopping is exciting, it can be very overwhelming! By having the right people with you, they will know when to stop and what comments are necessary." Bri, recently engaged.
Dress from David's Bridal



"Go in with an open mind and you'll know the dress as soon as you try it on!! And HAVE FUN!" Lana, married August 11th, 2001

8. Trust your gut.


"I guess my tips are to trust your gut. Everything looks good because they're all beautiful but don't compromise because you'll know when it's the right one. Just have fun with it! Also, try on ALL kinds of dresses because sometimes you'll be surprised what looks good and what doesn't." Haven, married May 5th, 2017
Dress from Davids Bridal

9. Don't pressure yourself!

Meg Hayes

"I went in looking for a sexy dress and found some amazing ones for my budget. As we kept looking we found dresses that looked absolutely beautiful and not what I expected! Go in with an open mind and to have fun. I had one ground rule with my entourage and that was, 'If you see me cry and cheese out then that's it game over! Just support me.'

As a natural born people-pleaser I was worried I'd give into the dress that everyone loved. So I left the first day without a dress and came back after sleeping on it, only to find the PERFECT dress for me. Don't pressure yourself into liking it. You will beautiful in what ever you decide."

You also don't have to spend big money on your perfect dress. But also be aware and willing to stretch your budget if you can.
Meg Hayes, getting married in 2019!

I would also like to add that becoming quick friends with your stylist is the best way to go when going through this process!

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