The Sad Truth Behind My Visit To Webkinz World
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The Sad Truth Behind My Visit To Webkinz World

We all remember Webkinz and some have even written about their return visit to their Webkinz. My Webkinz visit was like no other.

The Sad Truth Behind My Visit To Webkinz World
Chloe Black

When I read articles about people going and visiting their Webkinz pets again after so long, I got inspired to do the same. However, straight off the bat, I ran into some issues. When I got onto the screen, it brought me to the username and password screen.


Not only did I not remember my password, but I also didn't remember my username. I tried to click the "forgot password" option, however, my roommate told me that after so long it's not possible to use other information to get in. This stressed me out big time because I literally didn't have a clue. I made this account in like fourth grade, obviously, it's not going to be anything I would be using now.

After a deep struggle, I gave my mom a call to see if she could investigate and see if I wrote it down anywhere. She looked for about five minutes before giving me a picture of a sticky note that had usernames and passwords to other games but not Webkinz World.

Thanks, Mom, that helps a lot.

However, a little bit later she told me that my sister knew hers and my login information. Strange, but I took it. I tried to login and it worked, but guess what? That's right, another strikeout. It told me a sentence saying "Welcome back! We missed you!" It then explained that they needed to retrieve my account and that I should log in again the next day. I did, and I fouled the ball. It said the same thing it did the day before. I then emailed the support system to see if that would help. The next day rolled around, and I had the same message pop up and no answer from the support system. I then completely struck out and forgot about trying. About three days after that, I finally got a response from the support team saying that they needed more information to solve the issue. I gave them my information and proceeded with my day. The next day they emailed me and said it was up and running!

I immediately got on, to check it out. It was the same, but also different than what I remembered. It took me to my house and I completely got lost in how much stuff was actually in Webkinz World. I forgot that there was hampster and flying pets add ons to the game. I also forgot how many places there were to explore on there. It has the Curio Shop, the Adoption Center, the hamster world, the vacation spot, the Wish Factory, the fairy woods and more! There was so much stuff to do, but my sad and organized self decided to literally redo everything in my house. I went from room to room, taking out all of the furniture and undressing all the animals. Because of all of the animals I had, this took forever. So long that I had to come back the next day to do more of it.

After that was taken care of, I placed all my pets into the new rooms I wanted them to be in. Like, my first animal, a pug named Angel, had a really small room, so I moved her into a bigger room because I thought she deserved it.

Once I placed all of my animals into new rooms, I decorated the rooms and made everything aesthetically pleasing. Crazy, I know, but I did it anyway. In doing this, however, I got to keep some more furniture I didn't like in my dock, this way I could have some stuff to trade with when I go to the tree house. The tree house was the spot I loved as a kid. As boring as it is sitting there and waiting for a partner to trade with, I had a fun time trading things like food and cool clothing with strangers! When I organized everything in my house, the tree house was the first thing I went to. When I got there though, the adoption lady said that I needed to adopt another pet to do stuff outside of the house.

This is a good strategy for the company, I will admit.

My mom had extra adoption codes that we never used, so I wasn't worried about it. After I adopted a new horse, which I named Ney Ney, I went to the tree house. Right away I started trading with someone who liked my junk! I traded them and I got a golden table and a couch! I don't find it odd that I did the same thing at Webkinz World that I would do in real life. Trading on Webkinz World is just like thrifting in real life, so of course, I went straight to the fun. After that, I went back to my house to situate some more things on my to-do list.

I think we all know that some animals come with their own refrigerator or closet. I had put all of these in my dock because I didn't really want all of the food and dressers scattered everywhere around the house. I went to my kitchen to redecorate. Everything was pink and purple, it was definitely a color scheme I would have chosen when I was eight. In the kitchen, there was a sandwich maker, a blender and an oven. As much as I wanted to redo the kitchen I got lost in cookbooks and buying ingredients to make some of the options in the cookbooks. I made fancy waffles, french toast, and some orange muck, yes even on Webkinz World not everything is perfect. When I fed it to my horse, she even told me that it tasted just as bad as the name. Gross, after that, I felt bad about it. I then went to the backyard and harvested my crops. I had candy canes, carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes and some other crops all growing outside in my garden.

In those few days of getting on Webkinz World and playing with my pets, I realized all of the long lost activities and fun I had as a kid. Even though now, I am an organization freak and an aesthetically pleasing Insta hoe, I still spent time with my past and remembered all the fun times I had on this website. I'm really glad that it's still up and running and that some special children will be making the same memories I had as a child on there. And I believe that I will now get on periodically and just let loose for a while, but these few days I got on, the realistic sides of things took advantage and I just had to make everything pretty and my style again. It was definitely stupid of me to organize everything, but this was my way of having fun and remembering all my animals all over again. I think that is quite okay.

Because of this experience, I've been getting on Webkinz World instead of social media platforms and just playing games and trading items. Honestly, Webkinz World is a much better time than scrolling.

Me and my pet doing our daily tasks.Chloe Black

Playing in the arcade and getting "KinzCash".Chloe Black

One of my Pet's aesthetically pleasing Rooms.Chloe Black

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