The Snow Day Schedule Every 2000s Kid Knows To Be True
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8 Things That Happened On Every Snow Day That Every 2000s Kid Can 100% Vouch For

You've never been more excited to play Webkinz in your life.

8 Things That Happened On Every Snow Day That Every 2000s Kid Can 100% Vouch For
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Snow days were days we all cherished in elementary, middle, and high school. It was quite the process back in the day during the pre-text alert era. You would have to wake up at least an hour earlier than normal, sit at the television, turn on the news, and wait for your school's district to pop up saying it was canceled.

Some days, it felt like the world was ending all because school was still opening on time, or they were only delaying the school day by a few hours. However, on the days when the school district pulled through and canceled school, there were endless activities that you and your neighborhood friends took part in. From being outside to moving inside, you were never bored.

1. You would start your morning off right by watching cartoons or playing Webkinz

There was nothing better than waking up, eating some sort of sugary cereal (or pancakes), then sitting down and watching cartoons or playing Webkinz on your snow day. Those Webkinz arcade games? So fun.

2. Next on the agenda would be to PictoChat your neighborhood friends to meet outside

Before even getting on PictoChat, you would have to call your friend's house and tell them to get on PictoChat. Then, you plan your day, what's gonna go down, and where to meet. Oh -- and roast each other by drawing one another.

3. Once you were outside, it was time to attempt to attempt recreating your penguin's igloo from Club Penguin

How you felt once the igloo was built.

Admit it. You and your friends would make mounds of snow and attempt to build those stylish igloos your penguin had for itself on Club Penguin (RIP). My friend and I built an igloo once, and we even printed out our Club Penguin avatars and stuck them to the igloo. They melted two seconds later, but that's okay. We were SNOW QUEENS.

4. After the igloo was built, it was time to recreate the snowball fight scene from "Elf"

While this snowball scene was iconic, you could never quite throw the snowballs hard enough, or fast enough, which made you quit early. Plus, now that the igloo was built, you could hide in there as if it were a fort.

5. Playtime was fun, but now it's time to warm up inside with some hot chocolate and "High School Musical"

Put that mug in the microwave, grab as many marshmallows as possible, and set up the DVD player. It's time to sing, dance, and sip on some hot chocolate with your best friend. If you watched the second one, chances are you would recreate the "Bet On It" dance in your living room. No? Just me? Okay.

6. Once movie time was over, it was time to make your way back to the computer room

Time for more Webkinz playing, YouTube watching, and song listening. Chances are, you all sat in a leather desk chair in your friend's basement while you watched "asdf" videos, "Annoying Orange," or lyric videos that were made on Windows MovieMaker.

7. If you weren't hanging out in the computer room, then you were playing Nintendo DS or the Nintendo Wii

"Just Dance"?! Yes, please! You have to sweat off that hot chocolate somehow. "Nintendogs" was the best game to play if you no longer wanted to play "Webkinz." For those like me, "Super Mario Bros." was your go-to. Bowser was always a tricky guy to beat at the end of every level.

8. Your friends go home and the day is now over, so it's time to go to bed and hope for another snow day tomorrow

In order to ensure you would have another day off tomorrow, you had to put your pajamas on inside out and backward, and then go flush an ice cube down the toilet. It only worked a handful of times, but you still relied on this trick to get you off of school the next day.

Snow days in college are definitely not as common, so it's nice to reminisce on the simpler days of playing Webkinz and spending days with your friends. Hopefully this semester will see a few more snow days than the last, but we can only hope.

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