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10 Things You Forgot About Webkinz

The beginning of our internet addiction.

peace puppy webkinz

Unfortunately, Webkinz has changed a lot since the mid 2000's. The pets we spent hours doing chores to earn now only cost a few dollars. The worst news of it all is that the innocent game we would play with our friends has now become overrun with 'furries' (I wish I was kidding).

On the bright side, if these ten things make you feel nostalgic for the simpler times, you can still log into your account and play all the old games you used to love.

1. Getting a new pet


Any former Webkinz kid remembers the struggle. After a week or two of chores, you would get to go to Hallmark and pick out a new pet. If you were lucky, you might even be able to pick out an outfit for them. You would spend hours picking out your new pet, going to the Adoption Agency and naming them, and then designing their room. The best part was getting on the bus for school the next day and showing off the new member of your family.

2. Scheduled time on the family computer


Back in the day, we didn't all have our own personal computers. You would come home from school, do homework, eat dinner, and then FINALLY you could log onto your account. Every weekend would consist of fighting with your siblings over who got to use the computer.

3. The Arcade


The Wheel of Wow and the Wishing Well were a daily routine. Cash Cow, Polar Plunge, and Candy Bash were my personal favorites, but it never failed that the "game of the day" was always one of the games you didn't like.

4. Trying to give them equal attention


If you were lucky enough to have a lot of Webkinz, this struggle hit you hard. Trying to spend equal time with all of your pets is harder than you would think. You have to go to the arcade with them, feed them, bathe them, etc. This was probably the most stressful part of my childhood if we're being honest.

5. The Clubhouse


The Clubhouse was hands down the best part of Webkinz. This made the deluxe membership worth it because you got to say whatever you wanted instead of choosing from the preset options. Meeting up with your friends in the park and going on the swings with them somehow seemed more fun online than it did in real life. I think it is safe to say that Webkinz was definitely the start of this generations internet addiction.

6. Quizzy's Corner


You either loved Quizzy's corner or hated it. As somewhat of a nerdy child, this was one of my favorite things to do. Answering trivia questions should not have been that entertaining, but somehow it was.

7. Holiday gift boxes


As if Christmas and birthday's weren't exciting enough as a child, Webkinz made it even better. Each holiday meant a new gift box, which also meant your dock was constantly filled with various birthday cakes. If you logged back into your account now, I can almost guarantee you would find that to be true.

8. The Tournament Arena


Challenging your friends and strangers to compete in Checkers should not have been so much fun. The best games in the tournament arena were easily Webkinz Supermodelz and the Chef Challenge, I dare you to change my mind.

9. The Employment Office


Looking back, it's weird to think I was so excited to be a store clerk or a janitor on Webkinz. If only I knew back then that one day I would actually work one of those minimum wage jobs and it wouldn't be nearly as fun.

10. The Trading Post


The trading post would always become a last resort if you got bored of socializing and playing in the arcade, and most of the time you would end up leaving without even making a trade. There was no worse feeling than offering what you thought was a fair trade and getting a big red thumbs down from the other person.

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