15 Things All Webkinz Kids Remember
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15 Things All Webkinz Kids Remember

Do Cash Cow and the Curio Shop ring a bell?

15 Things All Webkinz Kids Remember

We all went through the Webkinz phase. At some point during late elementary school or middle school, we dedicated long hours trying to build the best house for our beloved virtual pets. To this day, there are still characters and games that will bring us back to our tween years and the time we spent in the wonderful world of Webkinz.

1. The daily gem hunt in the Curio Shop.

There was nothing more disappointing than only finding slag on your gem hunt. It was a waste of a day.

2. Cash Cow.

For the first time, you pictured your future as a milk carton sorter and actually considered it because the KinzCash pay was so good.

3. Playing against other members in the tournament arena.

You truly despised the people that beat you in checkers and battleship, even if you only knew the first three letters of their usernames.

4. The Club Penguin v. Webkinz rivalry.

You were either dedicated to your Club Penguin account or your Webkinz, there was no way to evenly prioritize the two rivals.

5. The pure joy of adopting a new pet.

Your young self had never experienced more joy and pride than when you entered the code to claim your pet. Welcome to parenthood!

6. Picking the theme for your pet's room.

Do you want the sports theme or the Atlantis theme? You couldn't make such a huge investment without being 100% sure.

7. The phony Dr. Quack.

Even if you had your pet in bed for three consecutive days, Dr. Quack still yelled at you for your pet's lack of sleep.

8. The Wheel of Wow and the Wishing Well.

Everyone's top priorities upon logging into Webkinz world. Who could pass up the daily opportunity for free Kinzcash?

9. Trying to cook.

Even when you followed recipes from Chef Gazpacho, you almost always ended up with gak.

10. Making new friends in the Clubhouse.

The prewritten messages always ensured for safe and appropriate conversation with strangers.

11. The employment office.

With all of the fun employment opportunities, we never feared going to work.

12. Quizzy's corner.

Trivia was never so much fun. And you got so much KinzCash from playing!

13. Webkinz were the easiest presents to give.

If you didn't know what to get a person for her birthday, it was always safe to get her a Webkinz.

14. Splurging at the W Shop.

It was so rewarding to save up for a few special presents for your pets or to remodel your house. Thanks to Webkinz, now you're well practiced in saving your hard-earned money.

15. Webkinz will always be a fond memory.

The best thing about Webkinz was that you could make your Webkinz World whatever you wanted it to be. If you wanted a real dog put your parents wouldn't let you, you could at least have one on Webkinz. If you wanted a beach themed room, you could get a beach themed room! Webkinz gave you the freedom to make your own choices, and it will always have a special place in your heart.

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