Best NFT Games on the Market in 2022
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Best NFT Games on the Market in 2022

It's no secret that the cryptocurrency and gaming industries are booming. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best NFT games on the market in 2022.

Best NFT Games

It's no secret that the cryptocurrency and gaming industries are booming. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best NFT games on the market in 2022. These games allow you to use crypto assets in fun and innovative ways, giving you a true gaming experience unlike any other. So if you're looking for a new way to enjoy your cryptos, be sure to check out these top NFT games!

What are NFT games and why are they so popular?

Unlike traditional table video games, NFT games incorporate crypto assets into their design. When you play these games, your actions can result in real-world profits - it's not unusual to see players winning thousands of dollars! Not only that, but there's a possibility you can use NFTs you win or generate in other earn-to-play games as well. Or you can sell that NFT and make money.

So if you've been looking for a great new way to spend your cryptos (and maybe earn some more), then NFT games are definitely worth checking out.

The top 4 best NFT games on the market in 2022

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular NFT games on the market right now. In this game, you collect and raise Axies - creatures that are part of the Axie Infinity universe. These Axies can be used in battles against other players, or you can simply trade them with others to build your collection.

One of the best things about Axie Infinity is that it's so easy to get started. And if you're looking to make some real money, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. You can battle other players for rewards, or participate in the game's marketplace to sell your Axies for a profit.

As most NFT games, Axie Infinity uses its own native coin, AXS. It's worth $63 at this moment and it has the third-largest market cap out of all play-to-earn tokens.


Illuvium takes place in an open-world, RPG setting. You've crashed your spaceship in an alien world and here you'll meet and fight Illuvials. Illuvials have four different classes and five different affinities and generally get stronger as they gain experience. You can capture them and use them as your own army, boost them, customize them, and at the end of the day, sell them for crypto.

Game economics is based largely on these NFT Illuvials. You can sell them at a marketplace, as well as any of the skins, weapons, armor pieces, or other items. You can also participate in tournaments to win prizes or earn some money by staking.

High-end production makes this game very fun to play and it's easy to enjoy the story and get immersed in the alien environment.

Illuvium uses ILV, a coin worth $698 dollars. Its market cap is around $450,000,000 which makes it the sixth most successful cryptocurrency for NFT games.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a game that was developed and released for mobile phones even before the emergence of NFTs. It's a sandbox simulator that uses NFTs to help you in the process of building your very own world. Now it also moved to blockchain and uses an ERC-721 standard to enable players to create objects and characters. Anything from houses, buildings or even entire cities can be generated in the open metaverse using Sandbox tools.

In Sandbox, you can buy virtual land and populate it or build on it to increase its value. Obviously, once you got its price up, you can sell it again on multiple marketplaces, as well as different items and characters. The game offers a large variety of options and a lot of freedom and sometimes can even remind us of Minecraft.

Sandbox is played using SAND tokens, a coin that's worth $4.44 dollars and has a market cap of around $4.5 billion. If you're looking to play a serious game with some real stakes, this might be the perfect choice for you!


Similar to Axie Infinity, Solchicks uses cute little creatures as NFTs you can train, develop, and breed to increase their value and make them more useful in the game. This time, however, it's not about axies, it's about - chicks.

Solchicks is a classic NFT PVP game where you evolve and earn prizes by exploring the world and fighting other chicks. All the chicks are placed in a unique gaming metaverse, where you can play against other players or team up with them. As for earning money, the main idea is definitely to build, breed, raise, and sell chicks, but you can also choose to farm, or buy and sell land and weapons.

You can play Solchicks by using the CHICKS token. It's currently worth $0.03, with a market cap larger than $9 million.

How to get started with NFT games

If you want to start playing NFT games, you need to first find and download the game. After that, you will create an account and then you will have to buy some cryptocurrency from a market if you don't own any. Proceed by purchasing an NFT for the game you've chosen and transfer it to your account, so that you can start playing.

Final remarks - the future of NFT gaming

NFTs are becoming more popular on the market. Also, more and more virtual assets are being generated every year using blockchain technology which makes it possible to actually use them in ways other than just collecting them or watching someone else play.

Virtual reality technologies have also risen to popularity recently - making games of this type more immersive, realistic, and engaging. The games mentioned here are only some examples of the best NFTs that were released in the last few years, but there are many other gems out there that can be found if you take the time and look around.

Best NFT games aren't just a display of technological progress, they're also a whole new way of playing and interacting with virtual assets, as well as bringing in some money by doing it!

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