Wear Silver for Schizophrenia

As many of you know, I suffer from a mental illness. However, I have never let it stop me from accomplishing anything I want. I decided to do something with my mental illness. I decided to make it a fashion statement. That's right, I did something completely new and to most people crazy.

Every mental illness has its own color, just like different every cancer has a different color. The color of schizophrenia is silver. So, I bought something silver.

  • 50% of people diagnosed with schizophrenia have received no treatment. I want it to stop.
  1. delusions,
  2. hallucinations,
  3. disorganized speech,
  4. disorganized or catatonic behavior, and
  5. negative symptoms.

In DSM-5, two of these five symptoms are required AND at least one symptom must be one of the first three (delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech) to be diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

Schizoaffective: Schizoaffective disorder forms a link between psychosis and mood. DSM-5 requires the mood episode be present for the majority of the illness.

Schizophrenia isn't going away. More people are being diagnosed with it. If everyone who has schizophrenia or knows someone with schizophrenia wore something silver like shoes or bought a hand bag to show support for those with schizophrenia. They would know they are not alone in this fight.

If you would like to know other ways to help fight the stigma and show support for schizophrenia, go to nami.org.

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