5 Ways to Survive Online Classes

5 Ways to Survive Online Classes

Having trouble keeping up your classes that have been moved online? Here are five ways to ease this transitional process to online schooling.


Theres no way around it, the place that college students are not in a good place right now. People studying away at school were forced to pick up their life midsemster and move to online schooling. With remote learning, trying to learn concepts is ten times harder, and the online programs have had many glitches in them. Here are five ways to help you with the transition to online schooling for the rest of the year.

1. Designate time for each subject.

With online schooling, many professors upload lecture videos students are able to watch at any time. At first this can be refreshing, especially for students who have classes at 8am. Yet, overtime it can lead to students falling behind in coursework. One way to prevent this is to designate an amount of time each day to a subject. If you use the time that you would usually have class to stay up to date on a subject, you will find that you stay up to date with the coursework.

2. Stay connected with your professors. 

Although you are not on campus anymore, there are still many ways that you can keep a connection with your professors. Through reaching out via online office hours and emailing, this can ease the strain of the transitional process for you. Ask as many questions as you can and even include the small questions that you think are stupid. You never know which questions will help you to understand the material better overall. Also, be sure to tell your professor when there are issues with the online platform they are working on. If the platform is being difficult for you, it is probably being difficult for more students as well. With the knowledge of the online glitches, the sooner the problems will be fixed.

3. Remember to take care of yourself. 

Usually in our daily routines at school, we have breaks embedded into our days. At lunchtime we usually see friends, and between classes we fill up our water bottles to stay hydrated. When taking classes online, there are no breaks, and it is easy to work through lunch and forget to fill up water glasses. Through this time at home, remember to keep a schedule that includes time to eat throughout the day. Be sure to fill up your water glass at least seven times a day. All of these small breaks will help you to be much more productive in the long run.

4. Make sure to use the correct browser for online links.

Many times students do not realize that the glitches that they see in their online classes are caused by the use of the wrong browser. Even though some online web sources do not specify it, many require that you use google chrome or firefox to access the links correctly. Therefore, when students use safari as a browser, this is when a lot of the glitches students are complaining about occur. If you are using a different browser to access online lectures and it is still glitching, then try exiting the link and rejoining the classroom. This simple strategy seems to have been stopping a lot of the glitches that people have been experiencing.

5. Be aware of the ways your classes have changed. 

Due to the change to online learning halfway through the semester, most classes had to make adjustments in due dates, and other assignments on the syllabus. Be sure to look at the new syllabus so that you don't miss any assignments. If you are unsure of if assignments/ projects have changed through the transition, be sure to reach out to your professors about this. This way, you will not be taken by any surprises through this already stressful time. Update your planner so that you do not forget what assignments you have, just like you would when you were away at school.

To everyone reading this article, in addition to surviving online classes, please be sure to practice social distancing. As COVID- 19 spreads to more people, more people with preexisting health conditions are going to suffer. Help to stop the spread through staying at home. Stay safe through this stressful time and be well to yourself.

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