6 Ways To Spend Rainy Days To Make Them Your Favorite Days

6 Ways To Spend Rainy Days To Make Them Your Favorite Days

That don't include sleeping all day or avoiding all of your responsibilities.

If you’re like me, rainy days are your favorite. It’s nature’s way of telling us, “Hey, I know you’re stressed and happen to spend too much money every time you step outside, so I’m going to make sure you can’t leave your room. So, take this opportunity to relax, you irresponsible cretin.” On these days I remember all of the (free) things I love to do when I have no choice but to sit inside.

1. Homework

Clearly, not my favorite rainy day activity, however, it’s not a bad first choice. Doing homework can be a relatively not-horrible way to spend your time.

As we all know, it is not by any means difficult to become suddenly loaded with work and deadlines in college. A little rainy weather is a perfect opportunity to catch up or work ahead to avoid those dreadful all-nighters. At any rate, this way I get the nasty, boring stuff out of the way and don’t have to feel guilty about the deep, dark hole of YouTube videos I’m about to fall into.

Which leads me to my next suggestion!

2. Binge-watching

Whether your chosen mode of viewing pleasure is Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, or one of those questionably illegal, virus-sodden online movie sites, binge-watching is a rainy day classic. This is the time to revisit some old favorites.

My personal faves are 80’s films, like The Outsiders, Valley Girl, or The NeverEnding Story. If you’re not alone, or just a real brave soldier, rainy days and scary movies are a classic combination. The 80’s also had plenty of memorable horrors, but there are some quality modern movies like Get Out, The Babadook, and the Insidious series.

3. Art

We may not all be artists, but a day cooped up inside with nothing to do may turn you into one. Rain has proven to be one of the most inspiring forces of nature there is. Drawing, painting, writing, etc., are also all very constructive hobbies. Take this time to experiment and try some new things! If you’re already an artist, maybe finish that piece that you haven’t touched for a month or try some new techniques. YouTube is a goldmine for tutorials and tips.

4. Read

I can not express how important it is to be reading at least one book at all times. It’s a constructive way to pass time so I don’t feel as bad if I spend 3 hours reading versus spending 3 hours switching between the same few apps on my phone.

They’re also great for distraction if you find you’ve been spending your idle time staring at a wall and the only thing going on in your head is the Mii Channel theme song. On another note, a rainy day is a great chance to start reading a new book, even if it might have been a while since reading your last. Even more satisfying, a rainy day is an ideal chance to finish a book.

5. Cooking or baking

One of my favorite things to do when all my microwavable burritos are gone is to look up new recipes. Often coupled with rain is that gloomy feeling, so it’s a great idea to treat yourself to some warm, comforting food. Try making yourself breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all from scratch. Because honestly, what can homemade pancakes and maple syrup not cure. And maybe some brownies.

6. Self-care!!!

Nothing is better than devoting an entire day to your well-being, as most of us rarely get the chance to indulge in days like this.

Exfoliate everything! Deep condition your poor, damaged hair that didn’t deserve all the mean things you do to it! Moisturize! Do a face mask! Clean your room! Check off everything on your to-do list! Do your laundry and dump in an excessive amount of your favorite fabric smelly-good stuff!

You will feel radiant and you deserve it.

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8 Gifs That Perfectly Describe Spring Allergies

Can allergy season be over, please?

Allergies are the WORST. I never had any allergies when I was a kid. OK, I was kind of lactose intolerant and that was the extent of any type of allergies.

But, you bet I was still out in the world eating ice cream and cheese. OOPS.

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It's all under control now, but I'll never forget waking up with my eyes almost swollen shut!

If you're like me and suddenly suffering from seasonal allergies or if you've spent your entire life sick every time the weather changes, here are eight times allergies kill my good spring vibes and I never wanted to leave my house.

1. When you constantly have a headache

2. The wind blows pollen in your eyes and you feel like you're dying

3. You can't spend any time enjoying the sunshine

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