With finals right around the corner, it might be hard to find time to unwind and not stress out. I too have a hard time slowing down and taking time to relax.

But this quarter, I'm going to try and do some things to help me not feel so stressed out. You could try these too, and you might find some peace in it as well.

Meditating/Breathing Exercises.

I know that all articles that give you advice on how to de-stress say to meditate or breathe deep, but I find that this really relaxes me! When I am able to close my eyes and listen to calming music or have someone guide me through meditation, it really boosts my mood and calms me down.

Coloring Books.

Something that I've been meaning to do more is color. It's something to do that makes me feel productive, while not putting in lots of energy or effort.


While exercising might seem like it takes a bit of effort, it releases endorphins, which will make you feel happier. It also doesn't have to be an extraneous workout, but maybe a light runs or even yoga.

Reading a Book.

Something that I don't do as often as I like, but will try to soon, is reading for pleasure. I read for school quite a bit, so reading for pleasure has started to tire me out. Reading was something that I used to enjoy as a kid, and if I got into the story, I would devour that book. I'd stay up all night, under the covers with a flashlight, just to finish a story. Being able to transport to another world through a story, I would think that could relieve some stress.


This one might be hard to do, and I know that I struggle with it, but try unplugging for an hour or two. Turn off your phone or computer, and try to do something that calms you. I know that when I put my phone down for a bit, it grounds me and makes time go by slower. Looking at my phone constantly is a bad habit that I have, but I think that unplugging would make me feel more at ease and energized.

Try Eating Healthier.

Eating healthier will not only make you feel better about what you're putting into your body, but it'll also boost your mood and make you feel like you can conquer the world! Ok, maybe not conquer the world, but by putting healthier foods rather than junk into your body, will give you more energy, in turn, making you feel refreshed.

Sleep, Not Coffee.

I know that coffee is the easy way to get your energy in the morning, it will end up making you feel more stressed, just to name one of the negative effects of the bean juice. Getting at least seven to nine hours of sleep will give you the energy you need for the day. Also, when you wake up at an earlier time, it gives you more hours in the day to get assignments and studying done.

Hopefully one of these ways to de-stress will help you find ways to stay calm while studying!