Midterm week can get hectic—sometimes a little more than dead week does. Here are a few ways to wind down.

1. Painting

Art can help us take your mind off of your inevitable doom, otherwise known as the exam that's sure to lower our letter grade, and then some. But no worries. Paint on Picasso.

2. Take a Relaxing Bath

Mask the smell of fear with a bath bomb.

3. Take a Nap

Sometimes, all you need is a nap. Sometimes, five in one day.

4. Listen to Music

Music is a great way loosen up. Blast the volume and dance!

5. Watch a Vine Compilation Video


6. Hang out with Friends

Call up your friends—chances are, they need it just as much as you do.

7. Food

Forget about all your worries and eat your sorrows away.

8. Cute Animal Pictures

Having a ruff day? Treat with cute animal pics! Those are doctor's orders.

9. Work Out

Haha funny one, but seriously. A good way to release stress is to work out. Try going for a run or exercising at the gym!

10. Get Dubs in Fortnite

Nothing better than a #1 Victory Royale!