Don't compare your experiences to other's
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5 Ways To Overcome FOMO

Don't compare your experience to other's


FOMO, the fear of missing out is especially prominent in this age where you almost always know what everyone else is doing.

The issue with it is that it can really take over someone's mindset, and it can hit so much to the point where you always feel like you're missing out on something- even if there's really nothing to miss out on.

In the summer it can especially be big when you're sitting on the couch for days instead of traveling the world like those few people you see on Instagram.

So how can you overcome this dreaded, self-imposed feeling? Here are some ways to overcome FOMO.

1. Accept it

Accept that most of the time, you aren't doing the coolest thing ever, and that's entirely okay. Accept that sometimes people have fun without you. Don't feel like you're missing out on anything because you might not be.

2. Don't compare your experiences

If you're constantly comparing your experiences to other's you might never be able to truly appreciate your own.

3. Focus on the good

What you focus on is what you attract. If you're constantly focusing on what you're missing out on or could be missing out on, you will certainly feel like there's always something to miss out on. Focus on what you're experiencing now, and try to stop thinking about everything you don't have/aren't experiencing.

4. Don't look to social media

You experience even more FOMO if you're constantly checking social media to see what everyone else is doing. Instead of focusing on your own life, you can easily become consumed with other peoples' experiences, losing touch with what you're happy for. Checking social media can become a bad habit that only facilitates FOMO even more.

5. Ignore your FOMO

After accepting it and eliminating all the ways FOMO can be increased, try to ignore that initial reaction. Ignore the envious thoughts you have whenever you're bored sitting on the couch scrolling through Instagram. Instead, ignore those thoughts, put your phone down, and live for yourself. Do what makes you happy and try to not get so caught up in other people's lives.

Overall, FOMO is very prevalent in college, and throughout the summer especially. It takes time to not feel FOMO all the time, but once you don't, it really is liberating.

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