7 Plastic-Free Hacks That Will Help The Environment
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7 Simple ways To Go #PlasticFree This July

Unfortunately, in a world that is constantly on the go, it is more convenient for many people to take a paper cup, purchase a plastic water bottle, or buy meals in prepackaged containers when they are in a hurry, especially here in America.

plastic free

As some of you may recall, from my 18 Thing to Do Before 2018 Ends, one of my goals in 2018 was to reduce the waste that I create on a day-to-day basis. Whether you #ChooseToRefuse or get in the mindset to #StopSingleUse items, you're making a difference in the world around us.

Below is a short list of seven easy ways to reduce waste this July.

1. #ChooseToRefuse the use of plastic straws.


More recently, more and more of the population have been taking the challenge to #ChooseToRefuse the use of plastic straws at restaurants and drive-thru establishments. Many have replaced these with stainless steel, plastic or silicone straws. I purchased mine from Amazon or use these handy bendy stainless steel/silicone combination straws from Target.

2. Start your mornings with take-away / to-go mugs.


I know what you're thinking – "yeah, yeah, so I'll buy a stainless straw, but that only solves my issue for cold drinks, Riss, now what about hot?" Great question random reader! How many empty corporate coffee cups do you have strewn across your passenger seat, from zooming through the drive-thru on the way to work for that morning coffee? Next time you're flying out the door, take a few extra seconds to grab a reusable coffee mug or takeaway cup.

Pro Tip: some establishments offer discounts to patrons who bring their own cups! What's better than discounted coffee and saving the planet?

3. Sip from a reusable water bottle.


As we've learned from past articles, caffeine shouldn't be the only liquid you drink throughout the day, keep yourself hydrated by bringing your own reusable water bottle. Your body and the environment will thank you.

One of my favorites has to be this Wide-Mouth 32oz bottle from Nalgene's Marvel collection or this 20oz glass Contigo bottle.

4. Carry your lunch in style by using a reusable lunch box or bag.


Brown paper bag days are over. Find yourself a stylish lunch bag to pack your food on the go.

5. Bring your own reuasable utensils.


Never be stuck using one of those terrible plastic utensil sets again, pack your own on the go and give them a good wash. Lunchtime is now anytime, anywhere.

6. Bring your own tupperware containers and avoid styrofoam or plastic containers.


While it may feel awkward at first, consider bringing your own tupperware to the restaurant, this will help cut down on the use of plastic and styrofoam containers.

7. Buy some reusable shopping bags!


Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind wanting to start again? We've all been to the store where you purchase one item and they place it not only in a ridiculous amount of packaging but then go even further to place it in a plastic shopping bag. Nobody wants to be the reason Katy Perry wrote that song.

Pro Tip: take this into consideration when ordering from online retailers like Amazon or other middleman companies and if possible, consider ordering things together, in bulk, so it comes in one big box, instead of seven, with loads of bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and other fillers.

"The Plastic Free July campaign raises awareness of our growing plastic waste problem and supports behavior change by helping people to avoid single-use (disposable) plastic. But it's not just about changing our own behavior, we want to scale our impact by sharing solutions and be part of a wider movement for change. Community groups, businesses, schools and other organizations can also participate in Plastic Free July - get started with our handy toolbox of resources."

To read more about the Plastic Free July Foundation, you can visit their website here.

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