8 Ways To Get Over Your Crush When They're Not Into You
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8 Things You Can Do To Get Over Your Crush When You Know That They Are Just NOT That Into You

Step One: Just stop liking them, duh.

8 Things You Can Do To Get Over Your Crush When You Know That They Are Just NOT That Into You

Some of these might be helpful, and some of them might not. Everyone has a different grieving process, and the same goes for getting over a crush. Whoever's been pulling on your heartstrings doesn't deserve any more of your time or emotional investment!

Without further ado, here are a few productive ways to get over whoever he/she/they is.

1. Listen to powerful Adele songs and cry.


I personally recommend "Water Under the Bridge," but "One and Only" is also good. Listen and be cleansed of this toxic ongoing crush. Or just be sadder. Really it's up to you.

2. Read articles about relationship horrors.


Maybe reading about other people's romantic woes will turn you off from this oh-so-alluring person. You won't go through that sort of heartache if you just stay single!

3. Go shopping for a new outfit.


And go all the way. Turn the dressing room into your personal catwalk. You're hot and that person does not deserve you, period.

4. Enroll in an inordinate number of classes so you're too stressed out to think about that person anymore. 


It's classic—keep your mind otherwise engaged. The ultimate distraction is, of course, the chance of tanking your GPA.

5. Hang out with people who actually do like you.


You know...a friend or relative. They're obligated to like you at least a little bit.

6. Binge-watch some show on Netflix.


I'd recommend "Queer Eye" if you're in the mood for a casual watch, "American Horror Story" if you're willing to commit. This gets back to distraction—can't think about them if you're invested in this TV show.

7. Avoid your crush at all costs.


Unfollow them on social media, even. At the end of the day, you have to prioritize you and your feelings over how they'll perceive your avoidance. If you don't see them as often, you'll probably get over them faster.

8. Don't get over the crush.


This is a versatile option. You can either continue to pine after your crush, or (and this is the better option) you can confront them directly. Maybe you were wrong and they actually do like you. Never know til you try, right?

Whatever you decide to do, remember to prioritize self-love and self-care over anything else. If you really like this person, at least test the waters with them. If you just want to get over them, distance yourself. Your well-being trumps this crush.

Best of luck!

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