Recently, I have been struggling a lot with staying motivated in my schoolwork, as well as staying in touch with myself. Here are some ways that I overcome my laziness!

1. Journal

Sit down for twenty minutes and write out your thoughts. They don't need to be poetic or beautiful - just like an internal monologue. Write about how you're sleeping, how you're eating, how your relationships are holding up, how your school work is going. Writing out the basics can often help you get to the root cause of a weird mood, day, or week.

2. Sleep and eat on a regular schedule

For me, when I feel unmotivated in my schoolwork, it usually stems from exhaustion or inability to focus. Going to bed at a decent time, as well as not sleeping in too late, can prove to be a huge help when it comes to tackling important assignments. It also greatly helps to study during the day - you tend to retain more information because your brain is more refreshed. Eating on a regular schedule can help improve energy levels and can rejuvenate you after hours of studying just as effectively as caffeine can.

3. Listen to music

Good music always helps me feel like myself and also helps me get work done. Find a good album, create a good study playlist, something you don't mind having on repeat. It will help more than you think.

4. Take worthwhile breaks

Instead of getting distracted by social media every half hour, make your study breaks meaningful. Go get lunch with a friend, get outside, exercise, watch a movie. Set aside a reasonable amount of time for a brain break, but make sure it's something you enjoy that you might not always do!

5. Call your mom 

Mothers know best. I'm a junior in college and I still call my mom with all of my problems (even if I know she can't solve them). She'll make you laugh and maybe even miss home, but it's a good pick me up. I know that calling my mom makes me motivated to make her proud with my grades and schoolwork. Plus, she'll love to hear from you. Call your mom!!!

6. Watch your favorite movie

Personally, Tarzan does the trick for me. Pulling your attention away from life for an hour or two can really help, especially in a way that makes you laugh or sing along!

7. Exercise

I know, I know...nobody likes it, but it's cathartic. Exercising can really help you destress and get your thoughts in order. It'll also help you sleep better!

8. Read a new book

Similar to watching your favorite movie, reading a new book can help you escape reality for a little while. There's nothing like bonding with fictional characters to help you forget your stress!

9. Cook dinner for your friends

My roommates and I have my RA over once a week for dinner. We cook and he brings a dessert, and we all hang out and clean up together afterwards. It's a fun, community way to remind yourself that you have great people around you, and stress isn't the end of the world!

10. Meditate

Quite the opposite of surrounding yourself with friends, meditating can also be a great way to clear your head and destress. Ignoring the weight of the world for even ten minutes to sit and breathe is very cathartic.

These things help me little by little, day by day. Remember, it always gets better!