Winter is always the most problematic time of the year, especially for the sports fan that often spends their weekend sat in the stadium of their favorite team. In fairer months, this isn't a problem with the sun shining, but this time of year certainly separates the men from the boys, as it were.

Fans that continue to turn out in their numbers to cheer their team to victory are diamonds — often referred to as 'hardcore fans'. As well as being there for their team, fans naturally also want to look their best. Now whether that means donning your side's jersey or gearing up with something a little more sophisticated is down to the individual — or where you are seated in the stadium, depending on whether you are fortunate enough to warrant the VIP treatment.

1. In the grandstand

Assuming you are in with the normal everyday fans, you are going to want to fit in. That means hat and scarf branded with the club emblem to keep you warm, as well as proudly showcasing your affiliation. You will also want to proudly display your colors for all to see, and that means ensuring your jersey can be seen — something you may not want to do consider the low temperature.

Fear not because the trick is to buy a jersey a size larger than you would normally wear.

Why? So as you can wear layers underneath without feeling as though you cannot move. This way, you are kept warm and toasty while being dressed for the occasion.

You may also feel that a rattler is a perfect accessory to complete the winter sports fan ensemble in which case you would be wrong. Don't be that person who everyone seeks out for all the wrong reasons.

2. In the director's box

If you are fortunate to bag yourself a seat with all of the important guests in attendance, you will need to dress a little more respectfully. Here, jeans and sneakers are a no go, even if you are likely to spot the odd one or two who still insist on going with the casual look (chances are that they are someone who can get away with it).

That means smart trousers and shoes should be subbed in. Now what you wear on the top half comes with a little more flexibility as the smart/smart-casual dress code does have some flexibility — it is best to seek advice.

A smart polo shirt, scarf, and jacket will keep you smart and warm, as well as comfortable without wearing a full-on tuxedo.

If, however, you would much rather go all out then the directors' box is the place to do it. Along with a smart shirt and tie, the cold weather presents the perfect opportunity to wear a waistcoat for aesthetic and practical reasons. Just to top off that VIP look, why not don a set of cufflinks? Don't just settle for a cheap set, however, especially with specialists designers on the market where you can buy cufflinks from.

3. In the bar

Of course, not all fans are lucky enough to bag themselves a ticket to the game, instead settling for a seat in their favorite bar (conveniently located in front of the screen). Here, you can dress more relaxed and casually without the need to wear numerous layers to fight off the prospect of pneumonia.

For many, this is the ideal way to support their team during the cold snap. In the warm, surrounded by friends with the drinks flowing and, of course, hot chicken wings to boot. Lovely!