5 Ways To Have Fun In The Sun

1. Go to the beach.

You don’t have to love the water in order to enjoy the beach. Sometimes just lying there on a warm towel and the white sand makes all the problems in the world fade away. Try to make a beach trip with your besties, or even yourself! Enjoy the boardwalk and eat some fries and funnel cake in that cute bathing suit. Enjoy yourself because life is a beach, and you’re just playing in the sand.

2. Eat some ice cream.

Ice Cream on a hot day is probably the best thing in the world. Go to your local ice cream spot and treat yourself to the flavors they have to offer. Sprinkles? Yes. In a sugar cone? YES, YES, YES. BRB going to UDairy for a single scoop of some All Nighter.

3. Turn off your phone for one whole day.

Turn of your phone for one day and explore the world around you. I promise you it’s a game changer. You will live and it will be okay to not be aimlessly scrolling through Instagram. Take a walk, read a book, or even color. Give your mind some much needed rest.

4. Try a new workout.

The summer is a perfect time to get try out those new workouts you keep liking on Instagram and then never look at again. Find a new workout hobby like Yoga and give it a try. Who knows you could be loving it by the end of the summer, or not. But at least you tried something new.

5. Wear some sunscreen (please).

As much fun is it to sit in the sun for hours to get that perfect tan, it’s so important to wear sunscreen. Your skin will thank you and so will your doctor. It takes 30 seconds to put some on, and it saves you from burning and looking like a lobster.

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