9 Easy Ways To Get Protein As A Vegetarian
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9 Easy Ways To Get Protein As A Vegetarian

Because not eating meat seriously diminishes our choices.

9 Easy Ways To Get Protein As A Vegetarian

As a vegetarian, it is very difficult to add enough protein in my diet. Hopefully these ideas will make it easier to find protein sources that taste good as well as add essential nutrients to your meals.

1. Eggs

Protein (per egg): 6 grams

2. Hummus

Protein (per tablespoon): 1.1 grams

3. Spinach

Protein (per cup, cooked): 5 grams

4. Green Peas

rotein (per cup): 8 grams

5. Beans

Protein (per 1/2 cup): 7-10 grams

6. Lentils

Protein (per cup): 18 grams

7. Peanut Butter

Protein (per 2 tablespoons): 7 grams

8. Pumpkin Seeds

Protein (per 1 ounce): 9 grams

9. Almonds

Protein (per 1 ounce): 6 grams

These are all amazinglydelicious foods that bring a lot to the table in terms of taste, protein, and flavor. Good luck!

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