Water You Doing?

Water You Doing?

Will Florida's demise be due to a water crisis?

Water — we need it to survive, and it is a precious resource. What do I mean by a precious resource? Isn't water readily available? It may seem like there is plenty of water for us to drink with all the bottled water brands, water filters and fill-up stations we see, but more and more, our sources of freshwater are diminishing. Can you guess how? Yep, you guessed it! It's our fault!

Let me rephrase that: water sources are increasingly becoming contaminated due to human activity meaning logging, deforestation and even industrial companies sending factory waste into rivers, lakes and streams. Our planet is made up of mostly water at about 96.5 percent, but only about 1.7 percent is potable water that we can drink.

See, the water we drink comes from something called an aquifer, essentially an underground storage unit of fresh water. Once an aquifer is contaminated by either oil or other chemicals harmful to humans, we must abandon it and turn to other sources of drinking water. But when we exhaust too many of these aquifers and sources, where will we get our drinking water? That, my friends, is a great question.

So, in case you have not heard, a major sinkhole recently opened under a fertilizer plant near Tampa, Florida. The fertilizer plant just so happened to be located near Florida's main source of freshwater, and about 980 million liters of contaminated water is flowing into this water source. Basically, this is very bad.

A sinkhole happens when the soil does not have enough water and moisture in it and it becomes very unsteady. These are not unfamiliar to Florida, but the most recent one has done quite a bit of damage.

Now the question is, why should you care?

Well, either Florida will have a water crisis where we go buy bottled water similar to what is happening in Flint, Michigan, or we try to invest in other means of creating freshwater. One such method is desalination, where ocean water is pumped through a large machine to filter out all the elements that prevent humans and animals from drinking it. That sounds great right?

Except for the fact that the excess salt could be used to make table salt, but instead is dumped right back into the ocean causing major issues for ocean ecosystems.

Overall, this sinkhole will greatly influence Florida and its already present water shortage. We have a long road ahead of us in searching for more ways to find or create fresh water without continuing to destroy planet Earth. After all, there is no planet B.

Cover Image Credit: http://bit.ly/2cGcV6t

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Christian Boys Vs. Godly Men

It is time to stop settling for the lesser of the two.

Ladies, there is a huge difference between a Christian boy and a Godly man; therefore, it is time to stop settling for the lesser of the two.

So many times I hear girls saying:

“Well, he’s a Christian.”

“He goes to church with me.”

“He listens to Christian music.”

“He went to church camp.”

“He has a favorite bible verse.”

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Well, all of those things are just peachy and there is nothing wrong with doing those things. I mean, they’re all good things to do. But how is his personal relationship with God? How is his prayer life? Does he talk about his relationship with God, with you? Is he truly a follower of the one true God in all aspects of his life? These are some of the characteristics you should be looking for that makes a Godly man.

Ladies, a man will love you great when he loves God greater.

A Godly man will pursue an honest relationship with you. He will be clear of his intentions. A Godly man will worship, pray and passionately praise God with you. Whereas, a Christian boy might open the door for you, a Godly man will open his bible and explore God’s word with you so that you both may grow spiritually, together. While a Christian boy may put on an outward show, a Godly man will live out the love of Jesus daily.

So ladies, are you catching on to this ongoing trend? A Godly man does more because you deserve more.

A Godly man will be a leader. Trust me, I know that in today’s society Godly men are few and far between while Christian boys come in plenty. But you deserve a man who is after God’s heart not just a boy who goes to church. And I know that this Christian boy may seem great and have some really stellar qualities at the time but money and looks fade, whereas, an ongoing love for our savior will not.

The greatest thing a man can do for a woman is to lead her closer to God than himself. (Yes, yes, yes).

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So I beg of you, do not settle. Do not settle just because you’re tired of being single, it’s convenient or because you want the relationship your friend has. Single does not equal available and a relationship status does not define you. God uses your season of singleness to prepare you for what is to come. And if you’re dating a Christian boy, he needs to step it up or you need to move on. Wait for a Godly man who is ready to lead you. God’s timing is always better, always. No matter the circumstance. So, do not rush God. (I mean, He is, after all, pretty good at His job). Therefore, turn your full focus to Him and He will direct your path.

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

Cover Image Credit: Christina Sharp

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Our Leaders Need A 'Time-Out'

We all learned a few essential rules as children.


As I look watch the news, I can't help but wonder if the lessons we learned as children might not serve our leaders well. They seem to have forgotten these basic lessons. I am reminded of the book by Robert Fulghum "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten."

Watch out, hold hands, and stick together.

I think this could be useful in a couple of different contexts. First, the current divisiveness in the country doesn't serve us well. We are first and foremost, a part of the family of humankind. Differences in politics, religion, and so on come in far behind that one important attribute. What happened to the notion of agreeing to disagree?

Second, when leaders get off a plane in another country, they should remember who they came with and who they represent - "watch out, hold hands, and stick together."

Clean up your own mess.

Trump seems to take great pleasure in blaming everyone else for their "mess." The government shutdown was someone else's fault – any Democrat. When the stock market went up, he happily took credit, but when it went down, he quickly shifted gears and placed the blame on the Federal Reserve Chairman. Daily and hourly tweets out of the White House place blame on someone else for his "mess." Sadly, he still likes to blame Obama and Hillary for his mess.

Don't lie.

Politicians have always had a bad reputation when it comes to honesty. Still, the number of lies that we hear from Trump (and members of his staff) is unprecedented even for a politician.

We all learned these lessons when we were little more than five years old. Now more than any time in history I think our leaders need a " time out" to re-learn these lessons.

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