We ALL know what it's like to compare our personal rebellions to what we could be doing- drugs.

1. Water + water + water = clear skin.

Admit it, when you're sipping on that water for a while, your skin is the most beautiful thing that you've ever seen. Drugs? Your face doesn't get any benefit.

2. You prevent yourself from saying anything stupid.

If you're constantly drinking that water, you don't have the opportunity to say something that you will regret, right? Doing drugs? Probably regrettable.

3. You're hydrated and not die-drated.

Drugs are dangerous. Water is not.

4. Water is legal.

I know this one was obvious... but just in case that it wasn't, it has been said. 8

5. Water is not sketchy.

You know what's inside of a perfectly good bottle of Aquafina. Drugs? Honestly, it's a mystery.

6. Water has never let you down.

Things that will let you down: men, drugs, (and possibly) fast food.

Things that will not let you down: tasty goodness of fresh WATER.

7. Water is good for your organs.

I'm not a health expert, but I can tell you that your organs LOVE water. Drink it all of the time. Make your organs happy. especially your liver, she needs a break! (if you know, you know).

8. You are eligible to get more tattoos.

Having healthy blood comes from drinking water. Healthy blood = tattoo city. And at the end of the day, getting a tattoo is way more exhilarating than doing drugs.

9. You pee constantly.

Now, I know this sounds like a downer, but if you're constantly peeing- just think of all of the things that you can get out of!

Person: Hey, can you move these heavy boxes?

You: Nope! Hydrate or diedrate! Gotta PEE for the 30th time today!

10. Water doesn't make your breath smell bad.

Enough said.

11. Water will not kill you, unless you drown.

Kind of morbid, but DRINKING water won't kill you. At least I hope not. Drugs on the other hand... you never know.