Why You Should Be Watching Psych, My Favorite TV Show

Psych, is first and foremost my favorite TV show. I say that often when I talk about TV shows that I recommend on here, but this is one that is my actual all time favorite. Just like the great Veronica Mars and Firefly, USA's Psych is a show that ended completely out of nowhere for fans but is now getting a film to give it the proper send off we all wanted. Which is great to hear due to the fact that when its cancellation was announced after their musical episode, I couldn't bring myself to watch the end of the last season (it's not over if I don't see it).

What exactly is this show that I am talking about? In a simple explanation it's kind of like Sherlock Holmes. In a more specific explanation though, it is about Shawn Spencer, a fake psychic, that works for the Santa Barbara Police Department with his best friend Gus and the crazy/impossible cases they solve together.

By the way, yes that is the "I can fix that" guy from Holes.

One of the reasons, I love this show so much is due to the fact that for being a crime show, it always stays pretty positive and comedic with its interesting stories each episode. It showed that a mystery doesn't always have to be serious and dramatic (i.e. Criminal Minds or Law and Order).

Not to mention there are so many themed episodes that pay homages to the things we all love in pop culture like: Vampires,

Alfred Hitchcock Movies,

Kung Fu films,

and as mentioned before musicals!

Not to mention they had a couple horror themed episodes that kind of freaked me out a bit, in a good way though because who doesn't like to get scared every now and then?
Who can guess what movie they are referencing here?

In general it's just a great show that you should absolutely watch! It's usually on the Ion channel and you can find it on Hulu. Not to mention that there will be a new movie coming out in December with Zachary Levi (Flynn Rider/Chuck) as the villain.

On a final note, you may become a bit obsessed with pineapples after this show. Mainly due to the fact that there is one hidden in almost every episode.

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