The Umbrella Academy Before Season 2 Drops

"The Umbrella Academy" is officially getting a season 2, and the fandom is collectively freaking out over it. The Netflix Original aired season 1 on February 15 of this year, and its popularity exploded across the world. Luckily for us fans, just a few days ago, the actors and original writer Gerard Way (yes, Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance) got to share the exciting news of season 2 on Instagram.

If you're one of the people who still hasn't checked out "The Umbrella Academy", here are 20 reasons why you should check the show out.

1. If you like superheroes.


While the main characters in the show are never explicitly called "superheroes" it's pretty clear that, in their own weird powerful way, they're some sort of super. Each one of the kids has some sort of peculiarity about them that you could definitely call a superpower.

2. If you like the found family trope.


While the Hargreeves siblings are, technically, siblings...they're not blood-related. They're a group of kids who were thrust together and turned into a family...which is kind of the "found family" trope in a nutshell. Plus, the entire plot of the show starts with the siblings coming together again for the first time in years...and, in many ways, "finding" each other again.

3. If you get easily attached to characters.


Each one of the characters in this show is so lovable, in their own weird way. You've got so many different main characters to choose from, so there's bound to be one you get deeply attached to, whether it be Luther with his man-child vibes, Vanya with her outsider-aesthetic, or Five with his done-with-your-shit attitude.

4. If light science fiction is your favorite genre.


When I say "light" science fiction, I mean to say that it's set in a pretty modern world, with some light magical stuff thrown in. While it's not set entirely on space ships and surfing the milky way, it does have time-traveling hitmen and Chimpanzee butlers.

5. If you're a fan of My Chemical Romance.


Chances are, if you like MCR's music and vibe, you'll like this creation of Gerard's. There are little moments that remind me so much of the band's "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" era (namely the similarity between the uniform the Academy wears and the one Frank Iero wears in the music video for "I'm Not Okay") as well as their "Killjoys" era. In fact, in a lot of ways, My Chem inspired the Umbrella Academy.

6. If you like action plot lines with slight romance.


While the plot of the show is 90% action...the other 10% is full of meaningful relationships & romance. The show will literally have you in tears at some parts (but good tears, I promise).

7. If you enjoy time travel narratives.


Not only is time travel one of the catalysts of the plot line, and a power possessed by one of the Hargreeves chlidren (number Five), but it's also used in the show as a way to show the past lives of the Hargreeves kids when they were actually kids, and offers an explanation as to why they ended up the way they are.

8. If dysfunctional families are your jam.


Some people like watching shows where families are chaotic and dysfunctional...if you're one of those people, this show is perfect for you. It's basically a show only about the dysfunction of the Hargreeves family.

9. If you like tv shows that follow different character's perspectives.

GIF by The Umbrella Academy - Find & Share on GIPHY Giphy

This is one of my personal favorite things about the show: it tells the same story, but lets you watch from the perspective of all the characters. You get to see how they try and fix it in their own ways, and you also get to see how the bad guys are working against them at the same time.

10. If you wanna watch a show with a killer soundtrack.


From Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now" to "Exit Music (For a Film)" by Radiohead, the soundtrack has a ton of different vibes to offer. Also, it has music from MCR members Gerard Way and Ray Toro...which is a major bonus!

11. If you like your superhero shows to have humor in them, too.


You know how Marvel adds humor to their movies? TUA does it, too. You can be crying in one scene, and then laughing at something snarky being said in the next. This is no exaggeration; I can't count the number of episodes that had me on both ends of the emotional spectrum.

12. If you liked "Codename: Kids Next Door" growing up.


"The Umbrella Academy" strikes me as an adult version of that show. Maybe it's because the Hargreeves children are numbered, just like the kids in "Codename"... or maybe it's the constant lack of parental supervision.

Hopefully at least one of these reasons gives you the push you need to start catching up on the show. While season 2's been announced, you still have plenty of time to catch up on season 1 before it's out. There's really no excuse for you not to watch the show. So what are you waiting for? Go. Do. It.

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