3 Reasons 'The Green Mile' Should Be On Your 2019 Watch List

I was going through Netflix in search for a movie to watch with my sisters. I came upon a movie that was eyeballing me for a while called "The Green Mile." I remembered this movie starred Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan. Not to mention, this film was based on Stephen King's books of the same name. After my traumatic experience of watching the 1990 film adaptation of "It," I stayed away from movies that were based on Stephen King's books. However, my father told me that he watched this film long ago and said it was not scary at all but overall, boring.

Despite what my father said, I did my research on this movie and I was surprised to learn that this film has gained positive reviews. Therefore, I decided to give this movie a go. First time watching it, my sisters and I were already bursting into tears towards the end. Here are the three reasons why this movie deserves a watch.

1. The protagonist draws the viewers into the movie with his personality

Paul Edgecomb, played by Tom Hanks, is a prison officer who is in charge of death row which is referred to as "The Green Mile." However, he treats everyone very fairly regardless of race and status. Upon taking in prisoner John Coffey, Paul learns that he is harmless even though John is convicted of raping and killing two white girls. Whenever Paul interacts with John Coffey, he never raises his voice and treats John Coffey as a human being rather than a lowly prisoner. But Paul is not just your average nice guy. He does get aggressive around those who do not cooperate with his orders or really gets on his nerves like the sadistic Officer Percy along with the mischievous troublemaker and prisoner, William Wharton.

2. It is not just a story about prison

There are lots of things going on in this movie than you think. Paul's experience as a prison officer isn't always pleasant. He has to deal with prisoners like William Wharton who is mentally ill and causes trouble to him and to his fellow officers. Paul, along with his fellow officers, comes close to death numerous times throughout the film. Death is a major theme in many of Stephen King's books and the way this theme is executed in the film is well done.

3. Michael Clark Duncan's emotional performance as John Coffey makes you instantly feel sympathize with his character

John Coffey, a tall and imposing prisoner, has a heart of gold. He is actually very gentle. He has a fear of the dark and whenever he sleeps, he kindly tells Paul not to turn off the light. Not to mention, he has supernatural powers that heal Paul's bladder infection, resurrects a dead mouse, and even heals a dying wife of her brain tumor. The plot twist in the film is that he is not actually responsible for the murder and rape of the two white girls. In fact, he has been framed because he is at the crime scene, trying to resurrect the two white girls. What's heartbreaking is that John Coffey wishes to die and continues with the execution, despite Paul's wishes to not execute him while innocent.

Although this film may not appeal to many people this time around, it's one of the films that will stay forever in me.
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