3 Reasons To Watch The Anime 'Shirokuma Café' This Summer Break

One of the most adorable Japanese animes that I have ever watched in my lifetime is "Shirokuma Café." It is an anime that has talking animals and humans living together in existence, with the main characters who are, Polar Bear, Penguin, and Panda. Polar Bear owns and works in his own café, and have his two other friends, Penguin and Panda gather together there to hang out and show their slice of life story. Here are three reasons why one should watch this anime.

1. It has a relaxing mood and atmosphere

The anime is a slice of life genre. With its setting of being in a café, talking animals, and have the talking animals interacting with humans are great ways to show to viewers to enjoy nature and appreciate life. Moreover, the café itself is a great place to relax and enjoy moments.

2. It teaches me about the adult world

There are times that Polar Bear says, "when I become an adult" during the anime. He shows that part of the adult world may be tedious. Moreover, this anime has taught me about job interviews such as what not to do or say at a job interview if one wants a job according to the first episode. Then, there are also small lessons about driving that Polar Bear teaches to Penguin in a very amusing way. This episode is one of my favorites. In addition, Polar Bear and Panda also help Penguin to be prepared to go on a date with Miss. Penko, the female penguin that Penguin likes. Polar Bear shows that there are lots of steps to make the date go smoothly and romantically.

3. Polar Bear, Penguin, and Panda are funny to watch

These three characters being put together brings out the funny that they all have inside. Polar Bear always says puns to entertain his friends while Penguin talks about his love life and Panda talking about his day. Although they are sweet and true friends to each other, they often show outstandingly funny moments when it is least expected. In addition, it is funny to see what they have to say about a certain topic. Their conversations between them bring a smile to my face. They also give out the funniest ideas when it comes to food when Polar Bear needs help coming up with a new menu. The voice actors who are voicing these three characters are very talented and show lots of feeling in the anime that makes me want to re-watch again and again. These three characters, Polar Bear, Penguin, and Panda are what make the café lively and so welcoming.

"Shirokuma Café" should be one of the top slice-of-life animes to watch!

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