Must-Watch Netflix Shows

Must-Watch Netflix Shows

Netflix originals have some high-quality material. If you're bored this fall give these a try!


If you have a Netflix account and need a good new show to watch there are some Netflix Originals that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. Of course Orange is the New Black is amazing as well but I wanted to branch outside that show to bring some recommendations of shows I've watched (and in most cases re-watched).

House of Cards: Corruption, power, and politics are the main themes of this show. Francis Underwood and his wife Claire have their heart set on being the most powerful couple in the United States. Each have their own goal in mind and sometimes the lines get crossed and they wonder if working as a team will really be possible. Just when you think one of them has gone too far, they take it a step further.

Daredevil: This Marvel masterpiece is a must-watch for fans. Netflix and Marvel bring us a look inside a lesser known superhero who fights crime as a lawyer by day and as a superhero by night. This blind man Matt Murdock is the least likely suspect when discussing who could be Daredevil but his secret isn't as easy to keep, as is usual with our heroes.

Jessica Jones: Another Marvel character turned TV show that is the epitome of lady power. Jessica is a butt-kicking detective and proves that a woman can be powerful on her own. It seems there will be a type of connection that will be made between Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and the upcoming Luke Cage but you do not need to watch one to understand the other (though I suggest watching all of it because it's absolutely amazing). Seeing Jessica work on her own for the most part is a change. Though Marvel's Avenger movies feature Black Widow, she's not a huge focus and seeing a woman powerful on her own is an important development. Also David Tennant is in season one which is a lovely thing to see!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: I can't stress enough how amazing this show is. Some of the childish humor may not be for everyone but I know when life gets too hard I watch some Kimmy for good laughs. This follows the life of one of the Indiana Mole Women who decides that New York will give her a fresh start. Between her crazy landlady, roommate with Broadway aspirations, and her needy boss, Kimmy is in for a whole new adventure.

Grace and Frankie: Once upon a time two married men began a law firm together, and became very, very close. So close that they discover their real love is for one another. Now they have to tell their wives. The ladies do not take this information very well and as Sol and Robert begin figuring out their relationship now that it's out in the open, Grace and Frankie move in together and try to figure out what their new life entails. Hippie Frankie and high-class Grace bump heads constantly and hilarity ensues. This is another show that never failed to make me laugh, while dealing with a family's reaction to a very realistic situation.

Master of None: The hilarious Aziz Ansari from Parks and Recreation now stars in a show in which he is trying to figure out where his life is going. Trying to make it big as an actor in New York City proves to be difficult. Ansari's character Dev falls in love with Rachel and their relationship is so real and my boyfriend and I found ourselves shocked by the similarities between their relationship and our real life relationship. The end of season one ends with lots of questions but luckily the show has been renewed for season two to come in 2017.

Go pop some popcorn and get comfortable! It's time for some Netflix!

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