Let me start off by saying, Bojack Horseman is a MUST watch. This show has been on a serious roll over the last 5 years and it seems like only a small niche audience has been paying attention. With a star-studded cast including Will Arnett (Bojack), Alison Brie (Diane), Aaron Paul (Todd), Paul F. Thompkins (Mr. Peanutbutter), and Amy Sedaris (Princess Carolyn). The wacky animal and human crossplay of the show is brilliant. Not only is the comedy is full of great punchlines, this show tells real deep stories of depression and the hard life of show business. These are the five reason that you need to watch Bojack Horseman now.

1. It's the best animated show currently.


There is no doubt that this has been the best animated show currently. I love other animated shows such as Rick and Morty, Bobs Burgers, Big Mouth, and Archer. But, this particular show has a deep personal connection to depression and shows really the life of Bojack Horseman who is a washed-up 90s star who deals with substance abuse and depression. It shows that celebrities like Bojack are human too. they go through struggles just like anyone else.

2. The message of substance abuse and what the consequences are.


Animated shows very rarely dive into the deep problems that substance abuse have and can bring up. Throughout the show, you see Bojack spiral out of control due to the abuse of drugs and alcohol. Not only does he lose the people that he loves, but he uses these things as a way to cope with the loss. the show honestly shows the patterns of what addicts are and that can certainly hit home with a lot of people. Furthermore, goes into why he is depressed and why he started abusing all these substances. Real life problems are what makes this show seem very real.

3. Every character has layers.


One thing that really stands out is that even from the randomness of Mr. Peanutbutter and Todd these characters have many layers to them. Every character has a powerful backstory as to why they are and the way they are. Through watching you will see that the characters carry the past with them to not only have the great memories, but to make it through the struggle of life. Very similar to the structure of Mad Men. All of the main characters brought something unique from the back story. Which is why the characters can all hold their own in episodes and build stories.

4. It goes into sexual identity. 


Sexual identity has been an area where TV does not go very often. But, when an animated show crosses it you really take notice. The lovable and funny character Todd, comes out eventually as asexual. Which was a huge moment for not only the show but for Todd who struggled greatly with what he was and who he fits in with. This is so impactful to a large group pf people who may already be within the LGBT community and also those who haven't come out yet. Maybe seeing this show can gain some confidence to those who want to come out.

5. The comedy is great.


The comedy in this show is genius. The show constantly pokes fun at the fakeness of Hollywood and the people who live there. Also from watching you will see long running jokes that carry over from season to season. the writing of the show has been one of the stronger reasons as to why people have drifted to it. The audience may not be huge, but this show really has been hilarious even with the seriousness it carries. Bojack Horseman has that perfect balance of comedy to serious moments.

Seasons one through five are currently streaming on Netflix so give in and watch the best animated show on TV!