The Merriam Webster definition of Sorry is stated as, "feeling sorrow, regret or penitence." I will not say I am sorry for things I have not, did not, and will not do. People often get mad at me for not apologizing. That’s ridiculous. I feel like people shouldn’t have to apologize for things if they don’t want to. Would you rather get some "Yeahhhh, I'm sorry," in some monotone, lack luster apology? Of course not. People want something genuine.

People apologize when they regret something, when they feel like they’ve hurt someone, when they’ve done something wrong. One of my guy friends only apologizes when he is in the wrong. This just sounds like too much. How do people do this all the time? I would be constantly apologizing for things.

Often, I have girls telling me, “Ugh can you believe this fight could have been avoided if he just apologized?” Not to be rude, but, maybe you needed to have this fight? In this situation sorry is used to glaze over the real problem. Not all of your problems can be solved by saying sorry. Grow a pair and actually attempt to fix your problems. Sorry is just a sad, small, word used to fix people’s problems.

Don’t get me wrong, hearing “I’m sorry,” after a horrible day is wonderful, but why are you apologizing? You did not make my day suck. You are not the problem. You’re just trying to make me feel better, but I feel there are better ways at doing so. I would rather get a hug and then hear about your day than continue talking about mine.

I think it is time we all stop wasting each others time and just get to the point. Get to the root of the problem. Actually discuss what is bothering you.

Oh, and if this offended anybody, I'm sorry.