Warm Winter Playlist

Songs To Keep You Warm Through The Cold Winter Months

For when you need some extra good vibes to power through.

Paris Mercurio

Is it just me, or is it harder to get up and feel energized in the dead of winter? Personally, I need some exceptionally peppy pump-up songs to help me make it through each day. I made this playlist and it has done wonders for my mood and energy, so I'm passing it on to you!

1. My Favorite Fish by Gus Dapperton

I might be the world's biggest Gus Dapperton fan, and his newest single is one of my all-time favorite songs, period. Released only a few weeks ago on January 24th, this quirky spin on the traditional love song will both warm your heart and make you dance!

2. Homage by Mild High Club

In my humble opinion, Mild High Club has one of the most distinct and unique sounds in indie music today. To find out if you agree, give "Homage" a listen.

3. HEADY by Reaper

Listening to this song makes me feel a LOT cooler than I actually am. I'll leave it at that.

4. Never Ever by STRFKR

This song just makes me want to DANCE! It's perfect for one-person bedroom dance parties! I know this from personal experience.

5. Saw You In A Dream by Japanese House

This song cannot possibly fail you in any way, ever. It matches every occasion known to man. You can dance to it, but you can also cry to it, and it serves as the perfectly appropriate soundtrack for both situations. I also know this from personal experience.

6. May 1st by Beach Fossils

This song feels and sounds like, well, May 1st. Sometimes you just need some spring vibes in the dead of winter, you know?

7. Lucy by Still Woozy

I recently discovered the absolute magical genius that is Still Woozy, and this song is an instant bop. It never gets old!

8. Marcel by Her's

This song feels like it came from either a different era or a different planet, or maybe both. I'm not sure how else to explain this, so you should probably just listen to it and then, maybe you'll get what I mean. Probably not, though.

9. Dark Red by Steve Lacy

This song is super catchy. The only problem is that the first lyric is, "Something bad is about to happen to me." I am quite superstitious so I often fear that something bad will, in fact, happen to me after I listen to the song. Once, it came on shuffle in my car and I got into an accident a few minutes later, so maybe I'm onto something. It's definitely worth the risk to listen, though.

10. Little Dark Age by MGMT

This was actually the song that was playing at the very moment I got into the aforementioned car accident, so it kind of carries chaotic vibes now. But I think those vibes work in its favor, honestly. It's still an awesome song.

11. Chamber Of Reflection by Mac DeMarco

A classic. That's all I have to say.

12. Omaha by Toro y Moi


13. Alaska by Maggie Rogers

My girl Maggie is going somewhere. Don't believe me? Listen to this song.

14. Sit Next To Me by Foster The People

You probably heard this song on the radio last summer, so I don't know if it technically qualifies as indie music anymore. Honestly, I don't care. It's a perfect song.

15. Fallss by Bayonne

This song feels very inspirational, like something you'd listen to at the top of a mountain you just climbed, you know, if you were the mountain-climbing type (I'm not).

16. Tieduprightnow by Parcels

If you haven't listened to Parcels yet, what are you doing?! Their music feels so unique and new, yet somehow also reminiscent of the 80s. "Tieduprightnow" is my favorite.

17. Sugarcoat by Kid Bloom

Kid Bloom rarely lets me down, and they certainly did not fail me with their most recent release. Less than a month old, their new single, "Sugarcoat," is perfect in every way.

18. Sunday Best by Surfaces

So many of my friends have been telling me to listen to Surfaces for months. I never understood what all the hype was about until I heard this song. Now, I'm completely on board.

19. I'll Come Too by James Blake

James Blake's new album, Assume Form, is amazing, experimental, fresh, and just beautiful from beginning to end. I've never heard anything quite like it. It was pretty hard to choose just one song to put in this article, but I think this was a good choice.

20. Lemon to a Knife Fight by The Wombats

Cool song, even cooler cover art. That's all.

I hope that one of these songs becomes your new anthem. Happy listening!

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