The Q And A You've Always Wanted To Have With IC Crushes
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The Q And A You've Always Wanted To Have With IC Crushes

The twitter account that IC students are still low-key obsessed with.

The Q And A You've Always Wanted To Have With IC Crushes

Everyone at Ithaca College knows about IC Crushes. Started in February 2014, it's accumulated over 2,200 likes on Facebook and over 3,600 followers on twitter. I know when I was a freshman I used to check the account like it was the college crush version of Formspring (major throwback). And yes, I still admit I like to scroll through its feed while stretching at the gym or waiting on the Wegmans checkout line. It's fun and wildly entertaining when you come across posts about your friends or about acquaintances from those dreaded ICC classes (shoutout to Biology of Sex).

Ever wonder who's behind the iconic account? Yeah, me too. The only thing better than seeing your name mentioned by some anonymous love-interest is finding out who that man or woman behind the curtain is.

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SB: Who came up with the idea for IC Crushes?

IC: A couple friends and I thought of the idea when we were just hanging out one day.

SB: In your own words, what is IC Crushes?

IC: It’s an anonymous way for people to complement one another and to express their feelings. I filter the tweets myself so that I only post the submissions that would make a person feel good about themselves.

SB: Why do you think IC Crushes is so popular?

IC: When we started, I don’t think any of us expected it to take off as well as it has. If I had to guess, I would say the anonymity. I doubt that I would receive nearly as many submissions if each submission had the sender’s name. Also, it’s nice to get a complement. People follow the account to see if they received any crushes.

SB: How often is IC Crushes updated?

IC: I update it as frequently as I can. Lately I’ve been busy, so I’ll admit I’ve been slacking, but I try to post every day.

SB: Why is IC Crushes not affiliated with IC?

IC: IC has Facebook pages and twitter accounts for their sports teams and clubs. I put that we’re not affiliated with IC [on the Facebook and twitter descriptions] so that I can’t get into any issues with the school. I know that I can’t have any official IC logos on the account, and so I assume that it needs to be clear that we’re not affiliated.

SB: How many crush submissions do you get on average daily?

IC: It depends on the day. The weekends are much more popular because people are out at the bars and parties, but on average I’d say 30 a day. I’ve had at least 100 in a day before, though, so it varies.

SB: Have you ever not posted a crush submission that's been sent to you?

IC: I do it all the time. I get some offensive submissions, ones that are way too sexual and some that aren’t complements. I’ve received submissions that were just insults, so I obviously won’t post those. I read each one before I post it to filter them out.

SB: What are the weirdest submissions who’ve received?

IC: There are some really weird ones, most of which I don’t actually post, so I’m not going to say. Sorry!

SB: Has someone ever submitted a crush about you? (Attempt #1)

IC: I’ve gotten a few with my actual name and then some just saying, “I love whoever runs IC Crushes.”

SB: Who runs IC Crushes (any chance revealing who you are)? (Attempt #2)

IC: I, a single student, run it. I started it with my friends, but I’ve ran it myself ever since. It’s honestly a one person job or else I would ask my friends for help.

SB: Do you think IC Crushes will continue to be around for a long time?

IC: I’m not sure. I want it to be, but I either have to run it myself after graduation or pass it on to someone else.

So IC, any takers?

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