to my mom

To My Amazing Mother, I Hope One Day To Be As Incredible As You

From the day I was born, you've shown me nothing but love, acceptance, and pride.

Grace Krah

From the day I was born, you've shown me nothing but love, acceptance, and pride.

You've shown me how to be my best self. You've pushed me to try my hardest, but cope with life when it doesn't turn out the way I'd like it to. You've taught me to be humble, kind, strong, and most of all, you've taught me to be the person I am today.

I look to you for all of my decisions; whether it was calling you from the booth in a restaurant asking if I would like the chicken or the salmon more, asking for your opinion on my History paper, giving advice to a friend, or even just to see if my outfit is cute that day. Ever since I was little, we've always joked about hearing your voice in the back of my head, but with everything I do, I hear you. Whenever I'm in the face of conflict, I already know I just have to look to you, and I'll know what the right decision is.

You're wise beyond your years and I am continuously astounded how you literally know the answer to every question I have.

I aspire to obtain a third of the knowledge you possess. Your intelligence comes from total experience and proof that you raised me in a way that shows you also were raised with a good head on your shoulders.

I admire your sense of humor and admire your views on life.

You've taught me to laugh off the bad times and as long as I hope for the best, there's no point in worrying about the future. I see so many similarities between the two of us, even in the qualities you don't like about yourself, I'm proud that they show through in me. You always say you never get credit for the things you don't say, and your ability to tell the truth, yet never disappoint is something I will forever try to mimic.

You're always telling me that a pretty face means nothing if I'm not pretty on the inside. Your inner beauty and the nature of your being is remarkable to me. Your smile lights up the whole room and your presence brings a sense of calm. You don't overreact and you don't ever ask for more than you deserve.

You are beautiful in every way, but you're still teaching me, with everything I do that if the wrapping paper is too pretty to rip off, you'll never get to see the gift inside the box. You've taught me it's okay to let my guard down and it's okay to be uncomfortable, while also teaching me that you I don't know what's in store for me if I don't try.

You are by far the strongest person I've ever met.

The way you handle sadness, hardship, loss, and pain is something I, unfortunately, don't think I will ever live up to. You shed tears but know how to keep pace when it's important. You love so deeply and know how to take the good with the bad.

You're the most optimistic person, yet know how to be logical and realistic at the same time. I can't put into words how much I admire your strength and composure in the hardest times of life. I know that no matter how hurt you are, you're still the first person to comfort all others around you. It's truly inspiring and I have so much respect for the type of woman you are.

So, through all that you've taught me, the one thing I've taken away from our relationship is no fight can't be solved through napping together on the couch, and nothing will ever be worth losing the relationship we have. Mom, you're my best friend, you're my inspiration with everything I do, and you will always have my back and fight for me when I can't fight for myself.

I know that your words and opinions may not make sense to me now, but one day, I'll find truth in everything you do. I know everything you are is dedicated to teaching me what you've learned. You've taught me everything I know, but I am forever looking forward to the rest of my life learning more from you.

Thank you for always coming from a place of love.

Thank you for making everywhere we go, a home. Thank you for listening to everything I say that no one actually cares about. Thank you for making me feel important. Thank you for turning me into who I aspire to be. Thank you for pushing me to chase my dreams. Thank you. Mom. Thank you for everything.

Love, your daughter.

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