Have you ever been to a restaurant where the waiter or waitress isn’t the best and there is basically no one in the restaurant? Recently, I have. There aren’t going to be any names or restaurants named. This also is not directed to any certain individual. I’m sure we all have had an experience like this. It isn’t pleasant at all. When we go to a restaurant, we would prefer to have a nice waiter or waitress along with great service. Sometimes they are decent and may not get to you right away, but here are some definite don’ts.

  • Don’t disappear for 30 to 40 minutes without checking on your tables. We realize that you may be busy when it is lunch and dinner rush hour. Even if you pop in for a second to ask if we need anything, it is much appreciated. We ask to not be “abandoned” in case there is an issue and other waiters/ waitresses are busy.
  • Don’t assume that we are done if we stop eating. We may just be taking a break from eating for a second. We do not appreciate if we have to stop eating to get your attention to come to our table if we have to ask you something, especially if there are not many tables taken and we are your only table that you are serving.
  • When we are done with our food, don't hand us our bill and say, “there’s no rush, enjoy your night.” To us, that means that you are basically trying to hurry us along so you could get out of there. Instead, please ask us if we need anything else. If we do, don’t remark that it is “better for you.” Honestly, that is just rude.

These are only a few of the don’t do’s. There are many others that I have not included. These few are only some of the major ones. Yet again, this is not aimed at any individual, company, restaurant, etc. It is just a general statement.