Wait For The Guy Who...
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Wait For The Guy Who...

Wait for the guy who never stops trying

Wait For The Guy Who...

This past year I have learned a lot about timing and not rushing or forcing any type of relationship, especially a romantic one. This year has also taught me exactly what I want and I've learned that it is okay to wait for that "right" guy and to never settle for anything less. Every girl deserves to be with someone who makes them feel alive and I know how hard it is to stay patient to find your person, but you must NEVER lower your standards just because you want to be in a relationship. In the end, the wait is so worth it.

Wait for the guy who...

- Who puts you first.

- Who makes you laugh uncontrollably.

- Who knows exactly what he wants with you.

- Who puts a smile on your face every chance he gets.

- Who holds your hand in public and never lets go.

- Who stays on the phone with you for an extra 5-10 minutes even though you've already said your goodbyes or good-nights.

- Who can instantly make your day better with one simple gesture; whether text, snap-chat or call.

- Who isn't afraid to be honest with you.

- Who wants to know every little bit about you and never wants to stop learning about your life.

- Who wants to introduce you to his family and friends.

- Who doesn't make you question anything.

- Who makes plans with you.

- Who listens to you when you talk and remembers any stories or things about yourself that you've told him.

- Who turns the small things into the big things.

- Who holds the door for you.

- Who respects you.

- Who pushes you to better yourself.

- Who texts you something that reminded him of you.

- Who doesn't just think your beautiful on the outside, but tells you that you're just as beautiful on the inside.

- Who never stops trying or putting effort in.

Whatever you do, wait for this guy and never settle for anything less. You deserve someone just like this and trust me, it is worth the wait.

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