VSCO Girls Are Taking Over The World One Scrunchie At A Time

For those of you who do not know, VSCO is a photo editing app. In recent weeks, it has been used to describe girls who care about the planet and wear ugly things including Crocs.

They seem to turn the ugly things back into something trendy. They also are passionate about saving the planet.

It's all about being effortlessly perfect. It's saving the planet by using reusable metal straws and a Hydro Flask. It's taking the things most girls wouldn't wear and turning them into something trendy. It's minimal makeup and lots of Carmex.

It's having an Instagram theme, using a preset to match the VSCO vibe. A basic Instagram VSCO aesthetic has beachy undertones. All of their photos are aesthetically pleasing, even if it is just for their story.

You can spot a VSCO girl by looking at their attire. Some of their basic statement pieces include a scrunchie, tube top or an oversized t-shirt, puka shell necklace, Birkenstocks or Crocs, friendship bracelets and always having a Hydro Flask in hand. Are you a VSCO girl?

Another way you can find a VSCO girl is by what they say. If you hear "..and I oop." or "Sksksksk.", be ready for them to look down on you for not using a reusable straw and killing the turtles.

You can find your local VSCO girl at any high school or college campus. They like to travel in groups.

The diet of a VSCO girl includes a lot of fruit and aesthetically pleasing food. In the life of a VSCO girl, the gram eats first. Meaning, if it fits their beachy theme they need to take the picture to post it on their Instagram. Some of the most popular are açaí bowls and a lot of avocado toast.

All in all, I believe VSCO girls mean well and have strong important values. If we all start drinking out of metal straws, we could definitely prevent turtles from trying to eat the straws and getting it stuck in their noses.

Are you a VSCO girl...sksksk and I oop?

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