Does Voting Against Hillary Clinton Make You An Antifeminist?

Does Voting Against Hillary Clinton Make You An Antifeminist?

Antifeminist Or Feminist? That Is The Question

Even if you don't follow politics, you should be aware that Hillary Clinton is running for president. If she wins, she will be the first-ever female president, thus making history. However, there are a lot of different views that people have towards Hillary Clinton.

Firstly, people believe that just because she is a woman, they should vote for her to show that they are feminists. I believe this to be the worst reason to vote for or against somebody who is going to run your country.

Secondly, this idea is spun the opposite way, saying that if you don't vote for Hillary, you are an anti-feminist. I think this is cause for childish voting practices.

One should vote for a candidate because they like their views, their political platform, or their plans to help the country. One should not vote for someone for fear of judgment or labels. I feel that many are thrown off by the thought of a woman becoming president; if the two candidates left to run for president when Election Day comes are Hillary Clinton and a man, I am afraid that people will vote for the man, even if they don't like his political views. People are shallow, and cannot accept the fact that women are smart and capable of doing everything that a man can do--even running this country.

If you truly don't like Hillary's point of view or her opinions, you should not vote for her. You do not need to base your votes on gender; gender does not equal strength. Most people are turned off by the fact that Hillary is a woman and running for president because throughout the entire presidential history a man has always been president. Times are changing, though.

I believe views on equality and racism in the United States have improved for the better. The first black president, Barack Obama is finishing his second term, breaking previous race barriers. If we have come this far to see all races of men as equals, why can't we see men and women equally as well?

Voting for or against Hillary Clinton because she is a woman is a poor way to vote. Many people believe that because she is a woman they have to vote for her, lest they risk being called an anti-feminist. However, if you are choosing the person to run your country, it is best to make decisions on your own behalf. Voting for someone just because of their gender is not a smart decision. Hillary Clinton is making history as the first woman running, yet I don't believe that it is okay to vote for her just because of this. Not only are you cheating yourself by not voting for the person you believe to be right for the job, but also you are cheating her. She will not have earned her presidency if everyone votes for her solely because she is a woman.

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