How can I get my friends to vote?

As I'm sure the vast majority of you reading this are aware, November 6, 2018, is election day for the midterm elections of 2018.

Voting is important, but so is respect.

For everyone, regardless of your political viewpoint, this is an important election. As per usual, people are posting about their voting plans on social media, and of course, there are people who are claiming that anyone who disagrees with them or dares to vote for the opposing candidate is not welcome on their timeline or in their life. This is so sad to me, so I want to encourage you that no matter what might change after November 6, don't let your friendships be one of them.

Friendship is a remarkable thing and it is scary that something as simple as an election can mess up these friendships. But let's be real about something for a second-do you and your friend agree on every single thing? Probably not. You probably have differing tastes in music. You probably have different favorite foods. I'm sure you don't share a favorite TV show or agree on what temperature the thermostat should be on. I know what you're thinking- that those things are petty compared to our country's future and the leaders we elect. And yes, maybe so, but that doesn't change what these things all boil down to a differing opinion. It seems like it is acceptable to disagree on anything else, but the second you disagree on politics, well there goes the friendship. But that isn't how it should be. We should be encouraging people to be friends with those who disagree with them. How else are you supposed to grow if your viewpoint is never challenged? Wouldn't your world be insanely boring if you only ever met people who agree with you on everything?

At the end of the day, true friends will accept you no matter what.

I'm not asking you to change your viewpoints or opinions to match your friends' viewpoints or opinions. But what I am asking is for you to not turn away from those differing opinions and cast that person out of your life simply for their way of thinking is different than yours. Friendship is important, so if a friend is a good friend, don't lose that simply because you couldn't stand the thought of them voting for someone other than who you're voting for.

When you wake up on November 7, you will probably be either really happy, really sad, somewhere in the middle, or not really caring at all. Regardless of how you feel, there will be people who feel the opposite of you. Some of those, unless you've banished them from your life, will be your friends. And if they're true friends, they'll still be your friends regardless of how this election goes. So please, realize that there are people in this world who disagree with you. Some of them might even be your friends.

I just hope that you are still willing to call them your friend no matter how this election may go.

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