Why We All Should Vote
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I Voted For The First Time And My Life Has Changed

No, voting is not stupid. Use your voice, every vote counts.

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In the most recent 2 or so years, America has not only been under the ruling of President Trump, but also struggling with extreme diversity among parties. We have the democrats, and republicans, but we also have smaller parties that stand on their own. Last December I turned the big 18, and not only was I excited to be an adult, but I was mainly excited to be able to play the lottery, experience the club, get a tattoo and also be able to take control of my life in more ways.

One thing that didn't even cross my mind was that I was also able to vote, and voting has been what American people consider a citizen right, and a beautiful privilege.

As a freshly aged eighteen year old, voting was not the first thought in my mind, but now, almost a year later, November 6th midterm elections changed this. I am fortunate to have made the choice to choose "yes" on my license application to be able to vote in the future, but truthfully, I didn't think I would use it. I go to Rhode Island College, a school that doesn't drill opinions in students heads, but where I agree with how inclusive they are, and also how most of my professors took the time out of their day to highlight the importance of voting to us students.

I did my research, found my voting poll and felt an extreme wave of excitement go over me, as I was on my way to submit my ballot. I was going to be a part of history, I was going to be contributing to the future of America, and local affairs, also. I felt liberation going in and submitting my votes, and hearing that this election day was a recording breaking day with an astonishing amount of young voters, I was happy to be a part of it.

I realized yesterday that voting is not stupid, it's not a waste of time, but it's actually very important, and every vote does count. I was following the live election results at 8 p.m. that night, and I realized how not only is it calculated by percentages, but its also by the .0 also, so if you do not believe that your ballot matters, it does.

From now on, I will be using my voice, I will be encouraging others to use their voices, too.

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