Hilary Clinton’s decision to keep the Republican majority in congress inhibits the efforts of bringing about any kind of a progressive change she declares in her campaign.

This Friday, Dean Murphy, business editor of The New York Times, payed a visit to my campus, at Northwestern University. As expected, one of the topics discussed were the presidential elections. During his speech, unlike majority of people around me, he tried not to be subjective on the matter or present any of the candidates as the logical solution for the United States.

He did, however, mention the reason why a lot of people decide to vote for Trump and why the Wall Street supports Clinton campaign. Both of the phenomena revolve around the fact that the congress this year is likely to have Republican majority in it. That means that Trump’s decisions, whatever they might be, are more likely to be pushed, than Hillary’s.

Trump’s unpredictability and an ability to bring change to the United States means that if he’s elected, Washington DC is likely to come to a chaotic state and radical changes are about to follow. The chaotic state of Washington will further lead to an unstable market, which works against the big banks who make most of their profit of off stable markets.

Now, we can see how the focus of who people vote for is moved from ‘I’m against the wall’ and ‘she’s not dedicated enough to fight ISIS’ to ‘I want the United States to be conservative and push little to no resolutions’ and ‘I want to see chaos in Washington and its negative influence on the big banks’.

Now I ask a question: Is the United States the best country in the world, or is it a hot mess operating under a cruel capitalistic system?

It’s on you to decide.