There is no excuse as to why this Tuesday, November 6 you are not voting. For those of you saying you "can't vote" because you "don't know how," then you've come to the right place.

1. Check if you are registered!


BE SURE YOU ARE EVEN REGISTERED! I know its annoying to have to fill out a form and send it in but honestly, it takes five minutesyouand once you've registered you're pretty much good to go for the rest of voting season. Plus once you've registered to vote, you pretty much have bragging rights over how involved you are in government. Your vote will make a change!
So click this link, fill it out and figure out if you're already registered.

2. Online ballot. 


If you can spend hours online shopping around for ugly Christmas sweaters or reading up on if Justin Beiber and Hailey are actually married or not, then you can spend a few minutes filling out a ballot.

Not every state is eligible for voting online, but if you live in one of the states that elect to participate, then click here to find out!

3. Vote by mail.

Can't be bothered to use your computer or leave your house for more than a few minutes? No problem, you can send it in the mail!

For this one, you have to send a request into your Supervisor of Elections. That is if you haven't already gotten your sample ballot in the mail asking you if you need a mail-in ballot.

If you're too late for this round of voting, don't worry, just remember to just request your ballot before the next deadline!

4. Vote in person.


Your last and popular option, is going to a voting poll. Yes I know, you actually have to put the donuts down and get out of your bed, but believe me, burning those extra bit of calories is worth making a difference in your local government.

Depending on where you live, your area has a designated voting center. If you need to find out where exactly your area goes to vote, head on over to to get more information.

However and whoever you choose to vote this Tuesday please make sure you are making an educated decision. Please visit for more information on who is running in your political party and what they have to offer for you and your state. Happy voting!